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Be my Valentine!

Valentine's day is officially the day to buy / receive roses, chocolate, cards and fluffy teddy bears preferably holding a heart that says "I Love You". All good so far but my ideal present still remains perfume; not any perfume though, it has to be rose centered - just to stay in mood - with an extra dose of something that makes it unique.

The three perfumes I chose for this Valentine's are:

4160 Tuesdays "Another Kiss By The Fireside"

The original Kiss by the Fireside was a beautiful rose / lavender based scent with hefty doses of woods, vetiver, musks and cloved oranges. The new version is smokier and more leathery; a perfect picture of a kiss shared in front of a roaring fire!

NIDOR " Ya Amar"

Ya Amar means most beautiful in Arabic and the scent is indeed very beautiful. With notes of Cedarwood, Labdanum, Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Coffee, Tonka, Ambergris, Leather & Cashmeran among others this limited edition fragrance is a soft, creamy and cuddly fragrance that makes you want to come closer and take another sniff. It's an enveloping oud scent that offers an extra dose of sweetness and a leathery softness.

JOVOY Rose Millesimee

An exquisite rose! I've written about it before and it fits a holiday like Valentine's perfectly as it's strong, deep, intoxicating and so much better than a bouquet of flowers!!

Will you be gifting perfume for Valentine's?

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