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Versace Dylan Blue – A perfume for the modern seductress

Dylan Blue pour femme, the new perfume by Versace will be available nationwide in 10 days; for now it’s only available in Harrods and it already has caused a sensation.

"Dylan Blue pour femme is my tribute to femininity.

So I created a strong, sensuous yet refined fragrance for a woman who knows her own power."

Donatella Versace

Unique, strong and captivating with an elegant sensuality, it carries the character of Donatella’s personality and I can smell a hint of Versace Blonde’s (the 1995 tuberose powerhouse) DNA print in the drydown.

Top notes: black currant sorbet, Granny Smith apple, clover, forget-me-not, Shisolia

Heart: Eglantine rose, Petalia, Rosyfolia, jasmine, ice infusion of peach

Base: patchouli coeur, styrax, white smooth woods, musk

Gold, blue, bold and unapologetic, the Versace pour femme Dylan Blue bottle with it's elegant curves is resembling an amphora, evoking Greek culture and mythology. The color of the bottle and packaging is as intense as the Mediterranean Sea: strong, deep and mysterious. Gold details and the iconic Medusa embellish its precious content.

The fragrance itself is a bridge between the past and the preset; it's powerful and sensual, true to the bold Versace character we are accustomed to but with a very modern take and the use of new ingredients. It starts of very fruity and fresh with juicy apples, blackcurrants and peaches creating an unusual fruity accord, followed by a rich floral floral bouquet, imaginary wild blooms and heady jasmine, while the woody base notes playfully mix together to create a unique elixir: styrax and white woods polished by water, musk and patchouli coeur blend in a captivating, sensuous, vibrant movement.

It's a very modern take on the classic Versace character and I really love it as its quite strong and unique while fun and wearable; pretty much like the Versace clothes!

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