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Phuong Dang perfumes

Phuong Dang is a perfume brand that I've wanted to write about for a while now. In the UK they are available only in Harrods's 6th floor "perfume heaven". This artistic fragrance collection includes scents that express emotions in a liquid form. In collaboration with perfumers Bertrand Duchaufur and Mark Buxton, classically trained artist Phuong Dang has managed to bottle her emotions, experiences and creative journeys using scent as the art medium.

The initial collection included 10 fragrances and recently "Artist", a joint creation by Mark Buxton and Bertrand Duchaufur, was added to the line as well as a new 5 scent collection that revolves around oud. With beautiful names like Shadows, Continuum, Omen, Celestial and Secrets,my favourite one, the perfumes are equally alluring and housed in stunning glass bottles with a heavy metallic cap.

Secrets is an ode to temptation, as a rich chocolate accord with the addition of fruits, spices, and delicate flowers is wrapped around an oud base in a masterful way that brings out a new sweet and seductive dimension of it.

The notes include aldehydes as well that give a surprising fresh opening with the assistance of bergamot and blue ginger, followed by rose, iris and a selection of spices that leads to the base, resinous oud helped by aromatic patchouli, musk and delectable chocolate that makes the composition even richer and more enticing.

I wore it quite a lot lately and my scarf has absorbed this intoxicating scent; it makes me feel like I carry a secret with me; the kind that is a pleasure to keep and somehow offers you the sweet satisfaction of knowing more that the person next to you.

The 10ml travel spray case is an excellent way to have enough on you and is of course travel friendly. Thanks to the amazing lasting power of the fragrances a spray or 2 is all you need to be sublimely scented for all day and the magnetic closure ensures that the fragrance is protected at all times.

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