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LONDON by WIDIAN - new perfume review

London is the latest release from Abu Dhabi based niche perfume House Widian. London is the first scent in the Sapphire Collection, which will be dedicated to cities around the world.

The perfume itself wants to pay homage to the city's culture, art, fashion and of course the luxurious way of life London has to offer; a city where everything you could potentially desire is available to purchase and all the latest trends are born. Royal and yet contemporary London captures the heart and soul of the city.

The notes are:

Top notes: Oud, Cypress, Violet

Heart notes: Lily of the Valley, Raspberry

Base notes: Leather, Dry Amber, Musk and Vanilla

Raspberry seems to be in fashion lately and with its tart and fresh juiciness it makes a perfect match for leather that is evident since the first sniff. It brings me an image of London in springtime, after a mild rain when the air is still soft and slightly watery / aldehydic and warm enough to walk around Knightsbridge, window shopping, wearing just a light, soft leather jacket. There is also a beautiful light floral vibe going on in the background thanks to violets and Lily of the Valley that add a fresh and calming vibe like walking in a city park after spring rain and the tartness of fresh raspberries blends perfectly with the leather note. The perfume turns into night mode soon as the leather becomes move prominent and plays hide and seek with sweet vanilla, soft musk and a soft wood / oud note that although is quite strong doesn't become overwhelming or cloying at all.

London takes the wearer on a journey from East to West and from morning to night with a fruity fresh, yet earthy, woody dimension. The fragrance is an excellent example of a classic scent with a contemporary twist that you should definitely try. The bottle is to die for too!

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