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Le Jardin Retrouvé - Perfume Revival Project

Le Jardin Retrouvé, founded in 1975 by Yuri Gutsatz, was the very first of what would later become known as “niche” perfume brands. Revived in 2016 by Yuri’s son, Michel, and his wife Clara they initially launched 7 perfumes. If you want to read a bit more about Le Jardin Retrouvé and my review on 2 of their perfumes please follow the link here.

The decision to launch a new perfume to the collection was inspired by the discovery of Yuri Gutsatz’s record of over 2000 unused formulas. However instead of deciding themselves, Michel and Clara invited the fans of the brand and curious perfume lovers to decide based on a voting system.

The 4 perfume contenders that are colour coded and not named are sent to everyone that subscribes to and once you try them and decide which one you like best you get to vote your favourite. The formula that gets the most votes will be the one that will be launched!

I received mine some time ago and having tried them this is what I will vote for:


Hello gorgeous!! This one is a FLORAL! Big, loud, humid and dense, it starts ever so slightly citrusy and green but very quickly it becomes a full blown jasmine bush in bloom with a bit of ylang and some other white flowers in the mix and a touch of spice. The drydown is smooth with added tonka and perhaps a dash of vanilla & musk. Overall I find it extremely wearable and pleasant and would be definitely something I would reach for on hot summer days and nights.


The opening definitely matches the colour of the dot! Very green, fresh and cologne like with a little bit of zing . As it dries down suave smoky vetiver appears and soft musk with a powdery (orris perhaps?) finish. Lovely but nothing exquisite as green scents tend to be.


I don't know when this formula was created but it feels like we've stepped back in time when perfumes we still rich and full in their composition. All the best ingredients seem to be present, lavender, vetiver, spices, geranium, coumarin, tobacco and oakmoss that produce a perfume that still feels very much contemporary and in fashion. Easily my second favourite of all 4 and I would definitely wear it happily wrapped up in cashmere and leather.


Now we're talking! I believe I saved the best for last. A beautiful combination of bergamot, spices, rose, vanilla, vetiver, oakmoss and patchouli that results to a slightly masculine oriental. I am truly in love with this perfume. The only thing that could potentially improve it a little and make it more gender fluid and appealing would be a hint of cacao / chocolate to add depth and sweetness to the composition.

I will definitely vote for black but I wouldn't be disappointed if one of the others wins the vote.

You too can still be part of the #PerfumeRevivalProject as voting closes on 6th June, so that gives you plenty of time to order and give them a go yourselves!

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