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American English Hair Care - A Match Made in Heaven

American English Hair Care is a new hair brand founded by Stephen Durham the owner of Urban Therapy salons - the English part of the pair - and Michael Kanyon, a celebrity hairstylist with over 20 years’ experience in the industry and most recently known for his America’s Next Top Model work - the American part -. When they met at a job, they got on very well and their common concern for lack of nourishing hair product that actually works inspired the creation of American English.

I had the opportunity to meet them both at MMCL’s headquarters where Michael and Stephen were kind enough to explain in person the story behind the brand and how American English was born, tested and finally available for all of us to enjoy! Michael also worked wonders during a live demonstration while sharing his top hairstyling tips !

Michael Kanyon working wonders on LittleMissPlumful's hair

All the products of the line are vegan and there are no parabens, phthalates, or sodium lauryl sulfate. All the ingredients are sourced ethically and include quinoa, baobab oil and sea berry. I'm really impressed by the ingredient list and especially by the sea berry as it's packed with vitamins, amino acids and omegas and has five times more vitamin C than an orange.

I've been using the Youth Repair shampoo and conditioner that's designed for damaged and colour treated hair and I'm really impressed by how soft and manageable my hair has become. Every time I use them, my hair becomes and looks better so they're definitely products I'll keep using as my hair’s condition has infinitely improved.

Seaberry Dry Oil is a light weigth mist that delivers high shine while nourishing and protecting with a bespoke blend of Coconut, Jojoba, Castor, Grapeseed oils. It's really light, you wouldn't believe its an oil and gives amazing shine. I'm planning to use it on vacation as well to keep my locks moisturised and protected from the sun and salt!

Finally the 24 Karat Thickening Lotion is a revolutionary lightweight formulation that creates astounding volume, giving you super plush hair. The water-based innovative formula forms a light film on the hair and provides the perfect foundation for every style. It's heat activated so you can easily change your hairstyle and go from straight to curls without fuss and most importantly without any residue.

American English Hair Care is a Luxury Vegan Haircare line that includes more products designed for different needs as nourished hair starts with an amazing system of cleansing, fortification and replenishment. They are available in John Lewis, ASOS Fell Good Matters and The Grooming Clinic.

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