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Juliette Has a Gun – Gentlewoman

Juliette Has a Gun was created by Romano Ricci in 2006. As his last name gives away, he was born into the famous Ricci family. Initiated into fashion by his great grandmother Nina and to perfumery by his grandfather Robert (creator of the famous ‘L’air du Temps’), Romano has been surrounded by fashion and creation since childhood. It was only natural to eventually launch his own brand inspired by Shakespeare’s Juliette, a heroin who uses perfume as her weapon and started launching playful fragrances that always tell a story.

Gentlewoman, one of his earlier creations from 2015, is described as a masculine fragrance dedicated to women. An eau de cologne that revolves around neroli, orange blossom, almond, lavender with a musky woody base.

All the listed notes are:

Top Notes Neroli Essence, Bitter Orange Petitgrain Essence, Calabrian Bergamot Essence (Capua)

Heart Notes Almond Essence, Coumarin, Orange Blossom Absolute, Lavender Essence

Base Notes Ambroxan, Musks (Muscenone and Ambretolide)

Fresh, clean, refreshing and just right, like a crisp white shirt, perfectly balanced between feminine neroli and masculine lavender, sweet almond and fresh musk, it's really a unisex scent that can very easily be worn both from gentlemen and gentlewomen.

The fragrance starts very crisp and sparkling with loads of citrus and blooming neroli before aromatic green lavender gives a fresh yet earthy facet to it. The drydown is very close to the skin and has a fleshy, leathery feel with a slight saltiness that makes it a very sexy scent.

With Gentlewoman, Romano Ricci wanted to give women a dash of dandy. Modern, daring, free, with excellent taste and admirable look. Well, I must say he has definitely managed to achieve it!

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