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L'Orchestre Parfum - 5 musical fragrances

Perfume is art and very much like music we tend to explain their compositions in notes. Many musicians I know are deeply interested in perfume so it wasn't a surprise for me to see some of them dip their toes in perfumery and actually coming up with some brilliant fragrances.

Pierre Guguen, the founder of L' Orchestre Parfum introduces himself as perfumer and musician. His most intense memories were marked by the dialogue between these two arts so the brand was born to revive these emotions and share them. Wear a song, listen to a perfume.

After visiting many ateliers and speaking with craftsmen to understand and feel the scent of musical instruments like the essence of guitar wood, trombone brass, kora leather, etc he worked with perfumers Anne-Sophie Behagel & Amélie Bourgeois that combined these essences with the most beautiful perfume notes and finally, 5 talented musicians took the time and care to compose an original song for each perfume.

The result: 5 luxury fragrances performed in music by 5 virtuosos of all horizons.

Flamenco Néroli

Seville. Gardens of the Alcazar Palace. Evening walk guided by the subtle arpeggios of a famenco guitar.

Main notes: Néroli, Bergamot, Bigarade, Ginger, Jasmine, Virginia Cedarwood, Atlas Cedarwood

Airy luminous and sweet, a very bright, fresh and citrusy neroli. Very fresh and expanding in space as the time goes by only to be enhanced by the woody base notes that give it an earthy feeling.

Music composed and recorded in studio by Mathias Berchasdky

One of the most renowned and appreciated Flamenco composers of his generation in France.

Rose Trombone

Harlem. Jazz Club. Exchange of magnetic glances during ‘a torrid solo trombone

Main Notes: Rose. Clean’ notes, Pean, Vanilla, Sandalwood White Musk, Rum

A boozy rose, that starts very sparkling and aldehydic before it turns to a sensual dark and sirupy sweet scent. It really captures the feeling of the jazz club from start to finish!

Music composed and recorded in studio by Nicolas Benedetti

One of the most creative french trombonists. A talented composer who works on various musical projects throughout the world.

Cuir Kora

Casamance. Peaceful Savannah. Beginning of ceremony lulled by the magical harmony of a kora

Main notes: Mango, Cardamom, Elémi, Leather Labdanum, Pallisander wood, Benjoin

Powerful leather. If you like your leather scents to pack a punch this one is perfect! Wild, woody and spicy with a surprising mango note at the beginning it keeps changing facets without becoming heavy on the skin.

Music composed and recorded in studio by Cheikh Diallo.

World-renowned kora instrumentist, pianist and singer. An exceptional musician.

Encens Asakusa

Tokyo. Holy temple. A winters prayer answered by the serene notes of a koto

Main notes: Olibanum Incense, Pink Berries, Cypress, Iris, Violet, Myrrh, White Musk

Very green and fresh incense. Bewitching, powdery and woody with a very distinct iris note, it combines masterfully a lot of precious and challenging notes that usually carry a scent on their own and overlap if you mix them all in a fragrance. Here they are distinct and layered perfectly adding depth to the composition.

Fragrance interpreted by Fumie Hihara

A major Koto & Shimasen ( traditional Japanese music instruments ) composer and performer.

Listen to the scent here:

Thé Darbouka

Sahara. Desert. Dawn coloured by the nomadic rhythm of a darbouka

Notes: Oud, Cocoa, Styrax

An imaginary tea.

Smoky, sweet and dry at the same time with a juicy fruit note and quite spicy finish.

Music composed and recorded in studio by Nicolas Leroy.

Drum genious who collaborated with artists from all horizons.

He perfomed in many concerts and festivals in Paris and throughout the world.

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