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H&M Beauty Fragrance Collection

H&M is one of my go to shopping destinations for clothing and although they had launched some fragrances in the past as part of their beauty line most of them were only part of collaborations and didn't stick around long enough.

This time H&M has launched a comprehensive fragrance collection consisting of 25 different scents divided into three distinct groups and features a wide range of different scents with high quality and affordable prices, providing a multitude of opportunities for everyone to find their own special scent.

Each of the fragrances was created through a collaboration between the in-house H&M team and perfumers Olivier Pescheux and Nisrine Grillié from Givaudan - one of the world’s leading perfume houses.

There are three distinct groups in the H&M fragrance collection :

The Singles, where fun meets fragrance, consist of ten different scents that revolve around a single note, such as vanilla, chocolate or yuzu.

These scents offer a multitude of options to match your mood when you want to keep things simple or to layer them over another perfume and add another dimension to it making it more personalised. A couple of my favourites are:

Garden - for that extra dash of freshness/ greenness to liven up the top notes of your fragrance.

Choc - For that chocolate yummy goodness that is so much needed at times.

The Reveries, that come in both Eau de Toilette and body mist form, are ten different blended fragrances that tell a story or convey a certain feeling with names such as Freewheeling, Sparks Will Fly and Above the Clouds.

They are very interesting compositions ad a couple of my favourites are:

"Mirabilia", by Nisrine Grillie, a creamy, comforting scent with notes of Lily of the valley, Peach, Milk accord, Sandalwood, Musk

"Raconteuse", by Olivier Pescheux, is a very bright and full floral with notes of Bitter orange, Neroli, Tuberose, Tiare blossom, Vanilla

The body mists of The Reveries line.

Finally, The Essences, are precious accords that enhance iconic ingredients , with every scent infused with carefully sourced materials from around the world.

"Comoro Ylang", is a lively and powdery, floral with ylang sourced at the Comoros archipelago. The perfumer is Olivier Pescheux, and he has managed to build a beautiful soft floral that revolves around ylang and is enhanced by notes of mandarin, pink peppercorn, ginger, freesia, white flowers, benzoin, tonka bean & white musks

Also available in 10ml Perfume Oil.

Overall a very well thought and of course affordable line, "wardrobe of scents" that can be worn on their own or layered for a more personalised effect.

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