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Rose Poetique by Manos Gerakinis

How do you like your roses? Fresh and dewy or fleshy and mysterious? If you prefer the latter Manos Gerakinis' new rose themed scent is worth seeking out.

‘Rose Poetique’ is a 2018 edition that took over a year to complete. A tribute to Damask Rose, this luscious floral oriental fragrance manages to lift one’s spirit. The Greek poet Sappho said of the Damask rose “It is the pride of plants, and queen of flowers,” and this perfume is a unique symphony of accords that Manos describes as Jubilation.

Top Notes: Saffron, Rhubarb

Heart Notes: Damask Rose, Patchouli, Labdanum, Raspberry

Base Notes: Vanille, Cashmere wood, Sandalwood, Musk

The notes hint immediately that this isn't your usual tender/ subtle rose that brings to mind images of pretty girls with garlands in their hair running nonchalantly in the fields chasing butterflies; instead I am transported in the Middle East walking through the local markets filled with spices and leather goods while kohl eyed women with henna tattoos demand my attention and offer me treats.

Rich, sultry and spicy, it opens with a beckoning combo of saffron rose setting the oriental mood right away with the rose making it's majestic entrance, sticky, fleshy and skin hugging but ever changing moods and appearances, between soft and welcoming, earthy and spicy and leathery and creamy with an occasional tart sweetness. Not an innocent rose by far, it's a scent that will make an impression and let you explore another side of the king of flowers that I guarantee you will like; I received many compliments from the lush trail I was leaving behind. The leathery trait of labdanum blended so well with the rose and the other ingredients that created a beautiful fragrance that becomes one with your skin and projects a multi faceted scent with your every move as the rose changes it's partner in the seduction game it plays. A truly unique fragrance!

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