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Map of the Heart - V.6 Pink Heart

V. 6 Pink Heart - The Heart of Ecstasy

With bottles designed by the legendary Pierre Dinard, Map of the Heart introduced themselves in 2014. These daring bottles depicting an actual human heart house the creations of perfumers Jacques Huclier and Nisrine Grillie following the inspiration of the brand's founders Sarah Blair and Jeffrey Darling.

The first heart introduced was the Clear Heart, an aromatic aquatic citrus composition, refined and relaxing. More hearts followed and my favorite is last year's release, the Pink Heart that revolves around narcissus.

This heart's aim is to take you into a voyage into the hyper real narcotic floral world of the mythical lotus eaters. Revolving around the hypnotic dimension of the narcissus flower it transports us into a new floral dimension. TOP

Shiso Leaf Accord, Neroli Oil, Basil Oil


Narcissus Absolute France, Jasmine Absolute, Broom Absolute, Orris Butter


Sumac Accord, Pipe Tobacco Accord, Cistus Absolute, Australian Sandalwood

Pink Heart v.6 opens very intense on my skin with a touch of herbal tartness and it remains a heavy floral thoroughbred until the end.

It's a beautifully made perfume that opens playfully with the herbal tones of basil and shiso leaf paving the entrance of what follows; a bold and opulent narcissus heart brightened by beautiful jasmine and powdered up by orris. The scent is supposed to feature the narcissus absolute with the intriguing background of the synthetic regressive addictive smell of our childhood toys but on my skin the scent doesn't turn artificial or plastic-y at all. It quiets down ever so slightly as the time goes by and acquires a smoky character with a touch of spice wrapped up in soft sandalwood.

I've been wearing it a lot lately and for me it feels like dancing in a field filled with narcissus blooms and in every step where the flowers get crushed under your feet they release their scent, wild, strong and unapologetic. If you like the smell of narcissus or a lush big floral scent this one is perfect for you!

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