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PROSODY London - a new all natural perfume brand

A new natural and organic perfume brand inspired by the patterns of rhythm and sound used in poetry has introduced itself recently. Prosody harvests the beauty of plants and uses them as inspiration in their creations.

Their fragrances and scented products are clean, safe and pure made with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, from producers that are ethical and sustainable, certified by globally recognised authorities such as Ecocert and USDA.

Their line launched exclusively in Fortnum & Mason and includes 6 perfumes that come in 50ml and 10ml bottles that I personally find to be perfect for travel.

Neroli Nuance

An elegant perfume, summery and vibrant that blends bitter orange, grapefruit and of course neroli with a smooth sandalwood base. Floral and sweet with creamy sandalwood wrapping up the composition beautifully. A scent that embodies summer perfectly, I've been wearing it a lot lately to remind me of my favourite season!

Lissom Linden

Another very summery and floral scent. Fresh linden flowers blend with honeyed rose and jasmine settled on a base of calming frankincense to produce a scent that makes you dream of sweet summer nights spent in the countryside.

Jacinth Jonquil

A heady scent rich with beautiful hyacinth, heady jasmine and fresh jonquil. Intensely floral it feels like you buried your face in a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. The hyacinth is very fleshy and green and combined with the sweetness of jasmine and jonquil produces a scent that is simply irresistible!

Oud Octavo

I would never have thought that oud would be a match for coconut but the combo works great and brings out the sweetness of the oud in a lovely way, softening the woody medicinal aspect of it. The oud is rich and woody and with the help of cedarwood we get a very intriguing and alluring scent that combines the sweetness of summer with the smell of the first autumn fires.

Rose Rondeaux

Very juicy and lush rose with a Turkish delight note that warms the skin. The delicate rosy heart is powdered up by iris and warmed up with patchouli, and the base of blackcurrant and musky sandalwood give it a romantic and radiant feel. A great rose scent!

Mocha Muscari

My favourite of the line, it uses the coffee note in a very elegant and original way, mixing it with fresh notes of mango, jasmine and lavender, on a base of black agarwood and sandalwood. A very unique scent, the coffee note is very prominent throughout, starting fresh and fruity and turning to a warm and seductive creamy latte with a woody aftertaste. A definite must try especially if you are a coffee lover like me!

Prosody also have gorgeous candles available using wax that is a blend of beeswax and plant base wax that has been certified organic by the British Soil Association for non use of pesticide and sustainability farming of ingredients.

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