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Cuir Impérial by Ormond Jayne

Personalised perfume creations are a big trend at the moment and as I've written before many perfumers offer custom made scents on an one to one basis; however many department stores, big or small, have been collaborating with perfume houses lately and offer perfumes especially created for them. The whole idea is to create a fragrance that embodies the character of the store or brand as well as being an exclusive - elusive item that many will desire and will go to great lengths to acquire.

Ormond Jayne has recently collaborated with Harrods on a bespoke creation imagined exclusively for the iconic London store. Cuir Impérial eau de parfum is a fragrance inspired by leather and it's history as it seems to be entwined with the history of perfume in Grace; Once the city was famous for producing the finest leather goods and now it's renown for its perfumes.

Top notes: Cognac oil, clary sage, bergamot, cardamom, pink pepper

Middle notes: Leather and suede notes, Orris, saffron, rose absolute, freesia

Base notes: Tonka, sandalwood, patchouli, cedar, vetiver, incense

A very rich composition, Cuir Impérial is a perfume that celebrates leather, from it's raw form, through it's treatment and until it reaches it's final form. The fragrance opens strong and spicy with a herbal citrusy tone that gives an almost animalic feel to the skin before the powerful leather note infused with cognac appears. Seductive, warm and sprinkled with powdery orris and bright flowers, the leather reaches it's final form and with the help pungent patchouli, creamy sandalwood, heady musk and smoldering incense it settles to a seductive supple fragrance that envelopes the senses and warms up your soul. It's a fragrance with a full on character that takes you on a sensory journey. I highly recommend you give it a try yourselves; if you are in London pop in Harrods to try it on your skin!

Available exclusively at Harrods

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