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La Maison Hédonique - are you ready for it?

What amazes me after all those years of trying many new perfumes is that there will always be something new and innovative that will make me go “aha” or “aww” or even “wow”

My latest “wow” moment came a few months ago when I had the opportunity to meet up with Lucy Akhurst and try her perfumes. Following a successful career in acting, writing and other creative endeavours, she channelled her creativity into making perfumes. La Maison Hédonique was created to tell stories, evoke emotions and take you to journeys and adventures unique to everyone.

Her 4 initial perfumes plus the newest addition InnSaei are very thoughtfully made, bold and unforgiving inspired by her own stories that remain unfinished challenging the wearer to decide how they end.

Samedi À Paris

Top – Bergamot, Mentha Citrata, Mandarin

Heart – Warm Cotton, Soft Woods ​

Base – Coffee, Hay, Amber

Elegant Paris vacation – this I how I’d describe this fragrance. A morning stroll on the banks of Seine wrapped up in lush clothing and stopping for a coffee in one of those quaint coffee shops. Soft and romantic, starts mentholy fresh and soon warms up with soft, aromatic woods laid on a base of amber and a distinct coffee note.


Top – Bitter Orange, Juniper, Lime

Heart – Garrigue Herbs, Anise, Salt

Base – Black Pepper, Bay, Soft Tobacco

Very smoky and herbal with a salty vibe, feels like having a vacation at a seaside cottage when after a long walk on the beach breathing the sea air you cuddle inside with your company sipping on drinks while someone lights up a cigarette.

Cerf Blanc

Top – Cardamom, Mandarin, Ozone

Heart – Smoke, Moss, Leather

​Base – Oak, Cedar, Peat

This is how the old London buildings smell. The remnants of log fires burning, rich tobacco, leather armchairs, heavy oak furniture, drinks infused with spices and citruses and a touch of mustiness that comes from being too close to Thames river. A real olfactory journey.

Comme Un Loup

Top – Green Mandarin, Cardamom, Orange

Heart – Rose, Spikenard, Warm Spice ​

Base – Smoke, Incense, Animal

Feral and polished at the same time, this is a scent for the brave! Roses mixed with spices in a perfume that has no boundaries, it pushes the limits of what’s considered a rose floral / oriental perfume. Lucy has managed to bottle an actual wolf roaming inside a rose garden lurking for his prey.


The newest release, InnSaei, is a beautiful big white floral scent with the juiciest grapefruit at opening and the softest calming musks at drydown. A scent that is bold but in an calming and enveloping way, it somehow pulls you from the world and offers you a moment of solitude to regroup and recharge.

You can find all La Maison Hédonique at Jovoy

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