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FO'AH perfumes - when the palm tree is inspiration...

Happy New Year officially! After a long break and a good recharge I'm ready for another year filled with great fragrances and experiences.

I'll be staring off my reviews with a new and quite unique perfume house. Fo'ah, which in Arabic, refers to the ephemeral blossom of the date palm, was created by Émilie Dewell and Abdulla Al Masaood who worked together with perfumer Olivier Pescheux to create a line based on a new perfume note, inspired by the date palm tree. One of the eternal symbols of the Middle East, the palm tree, when in bloom it exudes a green, fruity and slightly animalistic scent that was turned into the main ingredient of the brand's perfumes and adds a signature note of uniqueness to their creations.

Fo'ah has 4 perfumes in their line:


With Palm Tree Note, Juniper, Siberian Pine Tree, Cedarwood from Georgia, Incense and Musks, 02 has a very green and fresh opening. The palm tree note gives a tropical sandy vibe to the scent; a golden feeling of summer sunsets and warm evenings spent in the nature, while the woods and musks add to the picture with their warmth and softness. The first perfume of the line feels like an ode to the desert and the oasis' that sustain life in the middle of it.


With notes of Bergamot from Calabria, Centifolia Rose, Jasmine from Grasse, Palm Tree Note and Patchouli , 08 is an elegant and lush floral. A cosy and familiar scent that combines all the snugly feelgood notes with the added twist of the palm tree note that adds a salty / fruity vibe and a sweet and soft drydown that lingers on the skin. A subtle scent that combines some of the most popular notes together and binds them with the uniqueness of the palm tree into a contemporary floral scent. 11

With notes of Sichuan Pepper, Citrus from Sicily, Lily of the Valley, Palm Tree Note, Dry Amber and Musks, 11 has a very bright and fresh opening thanks to the lemon / pepper combination on top. Soon though, it turns into a clean, breezy, oceanic scent and again the palm tree note adds that extra sparkle to the scent, it almost feels like an extra ray of light shines through the composition, elevating it until the musky drydown turns it into a snugly skin scent. 14

With notes of Saffron, Siberian pine, Note Palm tree, Damask rose, Oud wood, Musk, and Sandalwood, 14 is a true oriental scent. It starts off green and spicy and deepens quite quickly with the appearance of the mysterious and seductive oud / rose combination at heart. The palm tree note adds harmony and sweetness to the composition while musks and sandalwood intensify the longevity that is truly phenomenal!

Such a lovely and unique line! Beautiful scents housed in gorgeous refillable bottles that were created to reflect the silhouette of trunk of the palm tree.

In the U.K Fo'ah is available at Harvey Nichols

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