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Layers 01- An exciting perfume concept

As the Experimental Perfume Club and their founder-perfumer Emmanuelle Moeglin is preparing to launch Layers 02, I thought it was a good idea to introduce you to the concept by reviewing Layers 01.

It all began in 2016 when the Experimental Perfume Club, an open-access perfume laboratory opened offering workshops and showing the behind the scenes of perfume creation, helping thousands to create their own bespoke fragrances. With a firm belief that perfume making should be fun, personal and individual, Emmanuelle's workshops are fully booked and she offers a variety of workshops, for apprentices, experts, hosts open lab days as well as one to one private bespoke sessions. Inspired by the creative encounters of the various "students" that attended the workshops, she decided to take the project a bit further and release it to everyone that would like something more unique and personal while experimenting with scent and memories. This is how Layers 01 Blending Collection was born, a collection of niche luxury fragrances with a twist; a bespoke blending experience for a new generation of creative individuals.

The collection of Layers 01 includes a set of three 8ml fragrances and a personal blending bottle:

Top: Bergamot/Incense eau de parfum (8ml)

Mid: Jasmine/Osmanthus eau de parfum (8ml)

Base: Sandalwood/Musk eau de parfum (8ml)

And the equipment to blend them together:

A pipette, an empty blending bottle (8ml, marked at every ml) and a step-by-step blending guide with suggestion; however I advise you to let your creativity flow.

The individual notes are beautiful on their own and you can wear alone or blend them together in endless possible combinations, to create your own personalised fragrance.

I have tried many combinations myself and I can safely say that the set is so well thought off that you can't get it wrong; The notes work very well together and allow for any possible combination that you can adjust any time if you feel that what you put together doesn't work for you. I really enjoyed wearing the Jasmine/Osmanthus and the Sandalwood/Musk on their own as well however my favourite combination for winter is 4ml Jasmine / Osmanthus, 3ml Sandalwood / Musk and 1ml Bergamot/Incense.

If the weather keeps improving I will definitely be changing the composition and I must say I'm really looking forward for Layers 02!

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