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Stories by Eliza Grace

Perfumes are magical creations, meant to tell stories, evoke memories and eventually become the bearers of specific moments in time. That's one of the reasons we are so easily able to relate to many of the perfume creations that circulate the market as there are so many shared stories and experiences in the world.

A new brand, STORIES by Eliza Grace loves to tell stories as you might have guessed from the name. The founder of the perfume house, Tonya Kidd-Beggs, curated each blend personally as a testament to the power of fragrance in her own life. She personally went to Grasse to develop her scents and under the guidance of her perfumer, using only the finest raw materials sourced from all over the world, she created 2 fragrances that tell a vivid story from her past and which the wearer can relate with.

Named after 2 of her children, that happen to be twins, STORIES by Eliza Grace, has 2 perfumes in their line both marking very personal moments in Tonya's life.


Fragrance No. 1 tells the uplifting story of sorrow transformed into beauty, of the dark yielding to the light.

What better way to evidence this transformation and what other ingredient smells more of hope and bright summer days than citruses. Notes of bright bergamot, grapefruit and orange blossom open this fragrance with a bright yellow blast, while delicate jasmine, heliotrope and a fig-tea accord bring the fragrance to bloom into a summer garden while cedarwood adds a subtle warmth and comfort. As it dries down vibrant sandalwood and aromatic vetiver play with soft amber enhancing the comforting feeling and playfulness of the scent leaving a soothing trail behind.


Fragrance No. 2 is an invitation to walk among the flowers, shed your shoes at the river and recover that which has been lost.

A walk in the garden, barefoot, this perfume brings nature closer and the feeling of belonging. The notes used are so familiar and embedded in memory that bring to my mind playful childhood snapshots. The fragrance opens with notes of Bergamot and Bulgarian rose spiced with ginger, cardamom and green tea. It's heart is warm, woody and smoky with notes of honey tobacco and cedarwood. Opoponax, tonka bean and patchouli enhance the base while amber and musk soften it until it fades away hours later. Feels like a carefree day in the countryside playing at your grandparents country house while waiting for dinner to be prepared and served on a table decorated with fresh flowers and your grandfather reading his newspaper and smoking his pipe.

STORIES by Eliza Grace offers body products to match and enhance the fragrant experience and their beautiful perfumes truly are a great way to envelop yourself in lovely scents!

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