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Maison Crivelli - fragrant aesthetics

« Beauty lies in the unexpected. Let us explore it. » is one of Thibaud Crivelli's motos, an emotional botanist responsible for Maison Crivelli, a new perfume brand available at the moment exclusively at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and soon online through the company's website. A very well thought of brand, starting from inspiration, to conception and creation through the use of sustainable materials for the perfumes as well as the packaging while paying attention to details and the overall aesthetic presentation.

The inspiration comes from real and tangible elements, like colors and nature; textures, sounds, contrasts and shadows that produce the stimulation and material for new creations. All perfumes convey a multi sensory interpretation of nature and express an adventurous spirit through surprising combinations.

Thibaud Crivelli views perfume as an unexpected and personal living experience, the greatest virtue of which is undoubtedly its capacity for surprise. He has given the House his traditional family colors of sun-kissed ochre, off-white, anthracite zinc and organic black, in a tribute to his distant Italian ancestors who ventured off the beaten tracks. Bois Datchaï, Rose Saltifolia, Fleur Diamantine & Santal Volcanique come in 100ml and 30ml bottles.

Sustainability and traceability is equally important for Maison Crivelli and the natural raw materials used come from identified plantations that have been carefully selected. Certain raw materials are harvested according to a sustainable development policy. The Maison Crivelli supply network evolves in order to maintain a constant level of quality Maison Crivelli to support the Cœur de Forêt (Heart of the Forest) association, and to participate in the sustainable development of patchouli in Indonesia. For every purchase of a 30ml or 100ml fragrance, Maison Crivelli finances the planting of, respectively, one or three sustainable patchouli cuttings.

Rose SaltifOlia

salty floral • rose centifolia seaweed • flamingos • quartz • salt

Inspiration A stroll by the sea, through a field of roses exposed to the salty sea air .

Floral Digital Art - Roses Near The Sea David Davidovich Burliuk by Eloisa Mannion

Floral Digital Art - Roses Near The Sea David Davidovich Burliuk by Eloisa Mannion

A delicate, very fresh Centifolia rose combined with silky seaweed. Luminous and fresh this rose starts slightly spicy and with a hint of fruit just before his marine character pops in the surface, the rose remaining honeyed and sweet, bright and silky with a warm leathery drydown. The contrasts that perfumer Stéphanie Bakouche has managed to include in the fragrance work perfectly together, creating a unique rose scent that is both mouthwatering and fresh.

Bois Datchaï

fruity woody • blackcurrant smoky • bark • shavings

Inspiration Picking wild berries deep in a primitive forest.

Group of Brazilian Forest Wild Flowers and Berries Marianne North Gallery

Group of Brazilian Forest Wild Flowers and Berries Marianne North Gallery

Bois Datchaï is enchanting. A walk in the woods, green mossy and earthy vegetation on a summer afternoon with the promise of sweet fruit foraged in the forest. The perfume starts green, fruity, tangy with a beautiful blackcurrant note that stays fresh and airy. A cabin in the woods reveals itself and the smoke form the fireplace lingers in the air together with traces of leather and woods. Perfumer Dorothée Piot has created a warm and cozy scent that smells familiar and reassuring.

Santal Volcanique

spicy woody • sandalwood cedar • spicy coffee • ginger

Inspiration Scorched sandalwood on the slopes of an erupting volcano.

Volcano erruption Framed Abstract by Anna Sidi Yacoub

Santal Volcanique, another study in juxtapositions, plays between fresh spices and a sandalwood-coffee accord with sensual gourmand facets. A spicy, fresh, lemony start is followed by a roasting coffee / cardamom note with an enhanced smoky - almost ashy and acidic facet - that beautifully transforms into a creamy sandalwood drydown. Perfumer Richard Ibanez has created an olfactory explosion that follows the build up, the eruption and finally the softness of the aftermath.

Fleur Diamantine

green floral • white garden mint • feathers • lightness • flowers

Inspiration Discovering a white garden refreshed by fountains; a breath of pollen floats in the air.

Powder Explosion brush set by Alberto Seveso

Fleur Diamantine is my favourite of all four. An aerial, delicate and tender floral that feels like a moment frozen in time. It starts powdery and citrusy with a touch of leather before a garden of jasmine and neroli comes to sight. Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour has created the image of a blooming garden bathed in light and with the help of oakmoss has transformed it to an enchanted place where you get lost following the nymphs. Beautiful and unique.

A fifth perfume, Absinthe Boréale, by Nathalie Feisthauer has just been added to the line inspired by the Northern lights and I'm really looking forward to trying it and immersing myself to yet another olfactory journey.

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