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Launches We Love Discovery Box

I've been a founding member of The Perfume Society from the first couple of months of their existence in 2013. I had moved to London from Greece with my husband just a few months before, in December 2012, and I was starting to meet in person the perfume people I've been following for so long. One of them (and one of my favorites) Sarah McCartney of 4160 Tuesdays told me "I should check them out" and that's all it took for me to get hooked. From the first "How to improve your Sense of Smell" workshop I attended in the basement of Les Senteurs where I couldn't decide which perfume was my favorite so I went with 3, to the numerous fabulous events I've been to, to The Scented Letter I read religiously (and have been extremely lucky to be featured in with my perfume collection) and of course the beautifully curated Discovery Boxes they offer, they have become part of the heart and soul of perfume life in London.

If you visit their website you will find information about new fragrances, help on how to find a scent you'll love, updates on events and many articles on the history of perfumes, perfumers, notes, raw materials and so many other educational information if you want to learn more about perfume.

Their discovery boxes offer an exceptional variety of newly released fragrances, both niche and mainstream, with some added older releases and many perfumed extras, beautifully curated and themed.

One of the latest ones is Launches We Love. The box was kindly sent to me to review and I just need to say how much I've enjoyed using all of them. I naturally started with the only non perfumed product, the NailsInc nail polish as I wanted to give my nails a spring color. I got the Shake your Feathers shade which is a glittery pink I really loved.

Then I got to try all the scents!

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Gold and Silver is a duo of fragrances that plays with the same notes just differently put together to produce a different scent; Gold is floral, spicy, creamy and sweet while Silver is drier, spicy, balmy and woody. Both equally gorgeous on men and women.

Miller Harris Violet Ida is a beautiful floral scent that captures the beauty of that, so familiar, scent of fresh cut violets. Soft, playful and sweet, with a slight retro feel, it's truly lovely.

Miller Harris Lost The second fragrance by Miller Harris is a very interesting take on rhubarb. Deliciously tart and sparkly it's interestingly paired with rose and musk and a beautiful smoky tea dry down.

Yardley Decadent Mimosa, Elegant Iris & Luxe Gardenia

This trio of scents is a celebration of loved spring blooms and brings instant joy when you spray any of them. Decadent Mimosa is a fluffy, bright, joyous scent with a soft dry down, Elegant Iris is a delicate, powdery iris with rose, freesia and jasmine added to the bouquet while Luxe Gardenia is bright, creamy and exotic with a sweet vanilla dry down. All 3 are a true joy to wear.

Shay & Blue White Peaches is a juicy fleshy peach fragrance, very aromatic while still remaining bright and sharp. Shay and Blue fragrances have a uniqueness that I find very refreshing and this one has an icy, almost drinkable note in it. If you haven't tried any of their perfumes, you definitely should!

Floris A Rose For… Smoky, rich, powdery and with an unexpected oomph, it's a rose scent for lovers. Makes your skin highly lickable, I'd really love to see a body cream to match it.

Kenzo Flower by Kenzo Eau De Vie Another joyous scent filled with vibrant blooms that float and dance on air. A ray of light on the skin!

Cartier La Panthère A graceful fragrance; it starts very bright and ethereal and very soon it draws powers from the dark side and turns into a leathery chypre that lasts many hours on the skin and leaves a trail of almost feline gracefulness.

Rochas Paris Mademoiselle Rochas Couture A bright, juicy bouquet of white flowers, laid on a soft musk/ tonka / sandalwood base. Not a groundbreaking revelation, but very well done with little pinches of freshness and delightful finish.

Mugler Alien Fusion For Her Maybe the best version of Alien yet, it's fiery, spicy and sweet at the same time. The creamy tuberose heart is glorious!

I LOVE Cosmetics Scented Body Wash English Rose & Elderflower Fizz

These body washes are paraben-free and vegan-friendly. I love a nicely scented body wash and I really enjoyed using these 2 minis.

Launches We Love Discovery Box is priced £15 + p&p to VIP Club Members/£19 + p&p to everyone else.

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