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Esxence 2019 - New and Exciting Launches pt.2

There were many new exciting releases announced in Esxence this year. Continuing from my previous post, today I'll give you another look at the perfume brands I visited. Let's start with Hiram Green and his incredible collection of natural perfumes. I'll always bee a big fan of Moon Bloom, his debut and still most popular fragrance. If you love tuberose perfumes, this is one you must add to your collection.

While I was at Esxence the results of the Art and Olfaction awards were announced and Hyde, his smoky, earthy, tobacco creation received an award. Many people find it difficult to like but Hyde is again a masterpiece in leather, dark and looking through a burning keyhole. It's got an addictive stickiness to it and it's perfect for the adventurous spirits!

Lustre was introduced during the exhibition and has become available to purchase since. A very seductive rose, it makes you inhale your skin deeply once you've sprayed it. A rose from the beginning to end, fresh, green, blooming and powdery it carries it's thorns, stems and roots in the composition along with the flower. Deep, red and simply gorgeous!

It's the second year I saw CIRO at Esxence but this time I had a bit more time to try their perfumes as they are not yet available in London. A beautiful Art Deco brand that originally was launched during the roaring 20's in New York, it now has it's base in Germany where some of the original perfumes were relaunched.

My favourite of the line is Le Chypre du Nil, a sweet and resinous chypre, with a delectable rose. If you love your chypres this is one you must try if given the opportunity.

A visit to Atkinsons is always a must to check on new releases although my frequent visits to the Burlington Arcade flagship store keep me up to date but I can't resist their beautiful booth!

In terms of new perfumes, I urge you to try White Rose de Alix, a sweet, fruity rose, Gold Fair in Mayfair, a velvety and spicy liquory cacao scent and The Other Side of Oud, a very interesting take on oud, paired with geranium, spices and vanilla.

Houbigant is another classic brand that seems to become more contemporary and people rediscover it. Bois Mystique is one of my favourites, a fresh and spicy woody scent that is marketed for men but very easily can be worn by everyone.

The classic Quelques Fleurs has been relaunched in the Collection Privee line in beautiful crystal bottles that match the beauty of this eternal floral perfume. I really loved Essence Rare as well the newest addition by Jean Claude Ellena, that celebrates some of the most beautiful raw materials put into a fragrance and classic French perfumery. Mandarin, Jasmine, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Amber and Vanilla Powder come together in a soft floral that envelopes you.

Masque Milano was really busy with the launch of their new - extremely well received -100ml bottles and new fragrances Love Kills, another beautiful rose perfume, plus ...

Kintsugi, a unique raspberry, floral composition with a sweet patchouli - vanilla drydown that pays tribute to the Japanese art of repairing broken loved objects with gold, enhancing their faults rather than hiding them. True to the Japanese spirit, the scent is delicate and transparent with a reassuring familiar drydown that makes everything come together.

Jovoy was also present with their lovely perfumes! Their booth is always a great meeting point and the place to hear about the new scents that are coming from their brands; Touche Finale will soon be available; a spicy mimosa fragrance with a soft musky / sandalwood dry down as well as a new addition to their Jeroboam line.

When in Esxence you must drop by Andreas Wilhelm's booth for perfumed candy! Perfume Sucks continues to surprise with his unique and quirky scents.

He's got one of the best looking and safer to travel sample kits,....

... new car air fresheners that actually smell very nice and amazing car screen wash liquid that is guaranteed to make your drive extremely more pleasant.

The 2 new additions to the line are Living Coral, a tribute to the colour of the year and a delicate iris, violet scent with a touch of spices and ambroxan and Black, a mossy oudhy rose with a dash of ambergris. Loved them both!

Finally, for today, we'll take a look at Ramon Monegal, who didn't have a booth at Esxence but I saw when I visited the suite he shared with other brands in a hotel nearby. I 've tried many of their perfumes and Impossible Iris is one of my favourites as it combines this precious material with mimosa, raspberry, ylang, jasmine and cedar to bring to life a scent that us both cold and warm at the same time.

Their new additions to the line are a trio for fragrances dedicated to Ibiza, a tribute to the Mediterranean sea sun and sand. #LaIslaBianca is a luminous musk wrapped in pine and salt, #FlowerPower is a very juicy fruity floral dipped in praline and #CafeDelMar, my favourite of the three, is the perfect late afternoon spent in a beach bar while the sun sets, drinking coffee. It's soft, salty, fruity and has a unique coffee note in it. Delicious!

A couple of years ago Ramon Monegal released Flamenco, a tribute to his home country. A fiery red rose with juicy raspberry with a deep cedar, pine, amber base. This year they added Ole to the line, a fruity floral with a surprising pineapple / raspberry note that starts the fragrance a with a zing before sweet dates and jasmine turn it into a beautiful floral breeze that dries down to a sweet vanilla / musk base with the added woodiness of cedar and fir. The purple bottle that houses it it gorgeous too!

There is still more to come, stay tuned!!

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