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3 Perfumes for Father's Day

Shopping for Father's day gifts is always a challenge. I remember trying to get a gift for mine and it was always a struggle as the options were quite limited. I would have to go either for power tools, or cd's of the music he liked. Occasionally I would surprise him with a concert ticket or perfume as, although he was quite faithful to his cologne, he was willing to try new fragrances.

This year I chose 3 perfumes that I think he'd like as they are fresh and contemporary with a classic touch and can easily be worn by fathers of all ages!

Pan by Barbury Castle

This fragrance was sent to me last week but it felt so familiar , I just had to include it in my selection! Inspired by Pan, the mythical Greek god of nature, forests and rustic music, with a mischievous side, Pan is a classy, refined, stylish and sophisticated fragrance.

The company is named after Barbury Castle, an iron-age hill fort, located along the ancient Ridgeway path in Wiltshire. The inspiration came from climbing up the hill fort that has fantastic views of the local countryside and an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature, to which Pan has a strong connection.

Pan opens fresh, with a breath of fresh air and top notes of bergamot, lavender and lemon. A spicy heart is soon revealed with notes of black pepper, cardamom and coriander while oakmoss, patchouli and ambergris in the base give a woody, earthy, musky character to the fragrance.

Cool and spicy, woody, mossy and playful, Pan is an elegant creation that enhances confidence and coolness with a touch of mischievous. You can find the fragrance on the brand's website, here

Laconia by Tom Daxon

Another fragrance inspired by Greece and this time by the Laconia region of Peloponnese and it's abundance of lemon trees and the sweet lemonade they make during summertime. Laconia reminds me the fresh citrus colognes we used to splash ourselves with during summertime and the fresh homemade lemonades that quenched our thirst on the hot summer days. The fragrance is not as simple though, it has a sweetness on top thanks to a touch of mandarin, while the mint and violet leaf in the heart add an aquatic greenness. The drydown is enriched by vetiver and cardamom that smooth it elegantly and give it a slightly, dry musky feel. If you want a scent that will be loved for it's elegant freshness, this is it!

You can find Laconia at Les Senteurs

Renaissance Man by Chris Collins

I recently went to the launch of Chris Collins' newest fragrance, Sweet Taboo, but as I was not familiar with his previous perfume releases I tried them all. His first trio of scents is inspired by Harlem’s rich history and relationship with Paris during World War I and its second Renaissance. Renaissance Man explores rebirth and revival, the perpetual evolution of humankind.

Another fragrance that has struck a familiar chord with it's bright and spicy citrusy opening with notes of bergamot, ginger, pink peppercorn and a marine accord that instantly refresh you when you spray it on your skin. A warmer heart reveals itself with notes of aromatic sage, cedarwood and sweet honey that drips onto the leathery dry-down of sandalwood, Tonka bean and tobacco that leaves a lasting impression of smooth elegance.

You can find Renaissance Man at Jovoy

You must have figured out that the key word that keeps repeating itself is elegance and the different ways it can be expressed though scent. We wouldn't want anything less for a Father's Day gift, would we?

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