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Walking around London can bring great inspiration for photos especially if you always carry a perfume bottle or two in your bag. I stumbled upon the statue of Niki, the Greek Goddess of Victory, at St. James' church in Piccadilly and I thought it needed a bit of an artistic intervention. By chance on that day I had Curionoir's Cellar Feels with me !

Curionoir is a brand for New Zealand and Tiffany Jeans, it's creator lived a life surrounded by strong creative women and an uncle who she believed was a warrior. Following her marriage, where she gifted her guests with hand crafted skull candles, she left her career in fashion and advertising and focused on creating bespoke perfumes, candles and fine crafted curios.

She has 7 perfumes in her collection and Cellar Feels is my favorite.

Developed in Grasse, the fragrance is delicately balanced with notes of apple, black tea leaves, orange, lavendin super, mate, grape leaves, nutmeg, Virginian cedarwood, tree moss and atlas cedarwood.

A beautiful and almost otherworldly scent, it transfers you to a hidden cellar where home wine enriched with sweet fruits is made in the summer months and stored for winter. A warm, sweet blend of fruits and spices with a distinct smokiness and a lovely woody drydown to reflect the caskets where the wine matures. It paints beautifully a fond childhood memory of the creator that we get to enjoy!

Exquisitely hand blown one at a time by artisans in New Zealand, each clear glass bottle is completed by a traditional glass stopper and presented in a dark green Curionoir box for a beautiful finish.​

You can find Cellar Feels, the other 6 scents plus all the amazing candles at the Conranshop

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