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The Limited Edition Niche Discovery Box by The Perfume Society

The Perfume Society has launched recently many wonderful Discovery Boxes and the Limited Edition Niche is one of their best yet. As I was writing this post I saw that it has sold out however I'll still give you a quick overview of the contents as the perfumes included are fantastic choices and also you never know, it might become available again!

The Merchant of Venice - Blue Tea

The name drew me to this perfume instantly and when I tried it it didn't disappoint! It's aromatic, fresh and floral with a hint of spice that's very uplifting and refreshing. The woody base is soft and very pleasing with a smoky undertone that lingers for ages on the skin.

TOP NOTES: blue tea, nutmeg HEART NOTES: magnolia, rose, neroli BASE NOTES: vetiver, musk, mate Juliette Has A Gun - Liquid Illusion

An otherworldly powdery tuberose scent is the simplest way to describe it. A must try if you like captivating floral scents.

TOP NOTES: heliotropin, almond HEART NOTES: iris absolute, Irone, Iracine, tuberose absolute BASE NOTES: tonka bean, Siam benzoin, amber, musks

Fragrance Du Bois - Oud Vert Intense

Fragrance Du Bois has taken oud and elevated to another dimension. One of the most popular scents, Oud Vert Intense, plays with the freshness of bergamot and the greenness of geranium plus a bunch of spices to produce a very fresh and aromatic scent that gets a shot of smokiness from vetiver while cedar and musk add to the woody drydown. An excellent combination!

TOP NOTES: bergamot, ginger, cardomom HEART NOTES: coriander seeds, nutmeg, geranium BASE NOTES: vetiver, cedarwood, musk, 100% organic oudh oil

Tom Daxon - Laconia

Summer in Greece spent under the lemon trees - there's no other way to describe it! Fresh, juicy, mineral, salty, sparkling, green, aromatic, floral and bitter at the same time, the scent brings to life a carefree moment under the sunshine.

TOP NOTES: lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin HEART NOTES: water mint, green violet leaf, jasmine BASE NOTES: sea salt, vetiver, cardamom

Atkinsons - Mint & Tonic

Mint & Tonic is like a cocktail you get served at a very English garden party. Delicious, green, minty and fresh with an aromatic heart and a dry finish, elegant and leaving you wanting for more!

TOP NOTES: grapefruit, mint, lime HEART NOTES: ginger, geranium, mandarin BASE NOTES: cedarwood, musk, vetiver E.Coudray - Musc Et Freesia

Sparkling aldehydes bursting bubbles of freshness while blooming flowers sensually caress your skin and a musky trail of naughtiness lingers in the air. A very beautiful combination of "naughty and nice" perfume that's a true joy to wear!

TOP NOTES: aldehydes, raspberry leaves HEART NOTES: freesia, peony BASE NOTES: white leather, musks

Parle Moi De Parfum - Une Tonne De Roses / 8

An overload of roses in a scent that celebrates this precious flower in the best way possible; combining different roses with just a dash of smoky patchouli at the base to create a scent that's fruity, floral and earthy at the same time.

TOP NOTES: Damask (Turkish) rose HEART NOTES: more rose… BASE NOTES: patchouli

Parterre - Run of the River

A soft and aromatic citrus scent that brings wafts of refreshing sunny energy and vibrancy once you spray it. The sparkling citruses mingle with aromatic herbs that evoke an aquatic feeling while the base notes add lasting power and a soft subtle musky drydown.

TOP NOTES: bergamot mint, violet leaf, elemi HEART NOTES: orange flower, lemon thyme, juniper BASE NOTES: incense, oakmoss, maté

Anima Vinci - Sesame Chan

Very interesting scent, quite edible, mouthwatering and bright, fruity and creamy at the same time. Roasted sesame and nuts, slightly salty and fruity sweet at the same time, with a soft woody finish, truly delish!

TOP NOTES: ginger, cashew, hazelnut HEART NOTES: roasted sesame seeds, carrot heart BASE NOTES: vetiver, cedar

Kingdom Scotland - Metamorphic

A complex scent that transforms on the skin, it's earthy and sweet, mineral and boozy, smoky and leathery at the same time. On me it's leathery rose with a hint of smoke that i find utterly appealing!

TOP NOTES: black pepper, tobacco HEART NOTES: incense, minerals, Islay malt, rose absolute BASE NOTES: amber resin, leather

BDK Parfums - Rouge Smoking

Juicy red fruits give way to sweet vanilla warmed up by labdanum and tonka beans and the most elegant trail of musks! A scent designed for seduction!

TOP NOTES: bergamot, cherry accord, pink berries HEART NOTES: black vanilla, heliotrope BASE NOTES: Ambroxan, Cashmeran, tonka bean, labdanum, white musk Modernist Fragrance - Geist

Simple, subtle, fresh and somehow persisting, this scent grows on you with its tenacity and intense floral freshness!

TOP NOTES: citrus accord HEART NOTES: honeysuckle BASE NOTES: amber, musk

Prosody London - Rose Rondeaux

Very juicy and lush rose with a Turkish delight note that warms the skin. The delicate rosy heart is powdered up by iris and warmed up with patchouli, and the base of blackcurrant and musky sandalwood give it a romantic and radiant feel. A great rose scent!

TOP NOTES: iris, bergamot, blackcurrant, raspberry, pink pepper HEART NOTES: rose, geranium, patchouli BASE NOTES: sandalwood, copaiba balsam, labdanum

Serge Lutens - Santal Blanc

Serge Lutens loves sandalwood and it features in many of his scents showing a different aspect each time. This new interpretation is simple and contemporary with a touch of sparkle thanks to pink pepper, soft, aromatic and intensely woody.

KEY NOTES: sandalwood, angelica root, pink peppercorn

Cochine - White Jasmine & Gardenia and Tuberose & Wild Fig Soothing Hand Cream

These 2 cute minis didn't last long in my bag as their scents are lush, floral and sweet and the cream's composition is truly great; deeply moisturising and retaining that soft scent for ages! A fantastic addition to this great selection of fragrances!

I hope you enjoyed my review of the Limited Edition Niche discovery box and do visit The Perfume Society's website to keep up to date with new releases and exciting perfume events!

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