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Lalique Soleil - Let The Sunshine In!

This summer has been good to us. The Sun Gods blessed us with glorious long and bright days that warmed our skin and delighted our senses. Although autumn seems to have started settling in already there are ways to hold on to these golden days just a little bit longer. Spraying perfume that reminds us of summer and has a feelgood character always puts a smile on our face.

There is a trend lately on "solar" scents, i.e. fragrances that evoke the feeling of light, freedom and sun-kissed skin. The latest fragrance by Lalique is called Soleil and Barbara Zoebelein, the perfumer that created it has used delicious ingredients to inspire the honeyed feeling of morning light.

Top notes:


bitter almond,


Heart notes:

pear granita

caffè latte


Base notes:



pink praline

At the launch event I had the opportunity to meet with the perfumer who's inspiration was: "A glorious burst of morning light. A delicious splash of Caffè Latte. A sweet touch of Almond. A soft veil of Jasmine and Musks... With this addictive new fragrance, Lalique celebrates the sun and the free-spirited women who love it."

Wake up & smell the sun! Soleil is vibrant and delicious from the beginning. It starts fresh, spicy and zesty thanks to sweet mandarin, freshly roasted almonds and a touch of cardamon, like the first ray of sun peeking through the blinds and caressing your skin urging you to get out of bed and start your day. The almost edible notes of the gourmand heart, caffè latte mixed with a mouth-watering pear granita accord and a honeyed jasmine put a smile on your face while the radiant base notes blow a sweet and soft breeze on your skin.

The softly rounded bottle is shaped like the rays of the sun. Vibrant with living coral, Pantone's color of 2019, the box offers a joyful contrast between the warm, orange-pink hue of a tropical reef and a splash of golden rays, radiating from the “o” of Soleil Lalique.

The jewel wound around the neck of the bottle is inspired by the timeless modernity of an Art Deco Lalique earring, the tasseled chain is adorned by a gleaming solar pearl drawn from the 1927/1928 collection, which resurrects a motif designed by René Lalique, sculpted with timelessly elegant graphic accents. The chain ends with a golden tab bearing the name of the fragrance. Unwind the jewel, and voilà: it becomes a charm bracelet!

*Available with the 100ml bottle.

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