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5 Fragrances With A Twist For The Winter

Choosing a scent for winter sometimes can be quite challenging. We still cling on scents that remind us of our summer holidays or we just end up using the same scent because we got used to it and are not too fussed to change it. Having a perfume wardrobe however is becoming the norm and there are fragrances that work excellently in all seasons just different notes get accentuated due to the temperature change. That way you can use the same fragrances all year round and still have a selection of different scents to change things up!

Jeroboam Unue

Unue means “First” in Esperanto , a language used to name all Jeroboam fragrances. Launched with a slight delay due to COVID-19, it’s exclusive at Selfridges as a tribute to them being the first retailer to have faith in the brand and stock them in their store. A subtle yet passionate fragrance, it opens fresh and fruity thanks to bergamot and pink berries plus a touch of boozy pineapple spiced up by anise. The floral heart of jasmine and ylang is sweetened by juicy plum before the creaminess of sandalwood wraps everything up and the soft touch of the enigmatic musks balances the earthiness of patchouli creating a sweet whirlwind; very much like a first kiss !

Although it seems innocent it packs a punch and it’s extremely long lasting! It’s truly love at first sight; or sniff if you prefer!

Amirius Langage D'Amour

Langage D’Amour by Amirius Paris is a fragrance that I received just before summer and I really enjoyed wearing it a lot through the hot months. With a juicy apple bite and sweet melon it’s a deliciously fresh and mellow fragrance and it’s soft floral heart with lily of the valley leads to a delicate woody drydown. An expression of the spirit of love as part of the new Premier Amour line, I kept on wearing it through autumn and will continue to during the winter as it feels warmer and mellower on the skin with an enhanced woody character.

All Amirius Paris fragrances are available at Jovoy in London and it's a line really worth discovering!

Swedoft X Oud

X Oud by SweDoft in a nutshell is a beautiful leather oud fragrance that hides many surprises as it unfolds. Sweet and fruity, boozy and earthy, spicy and woody, it changes characters many times and jumps from one mood to the other. It's an oud scent that everyone will enjoy and I've received many compliments for. Beautifully made it can easily be worn by everyone and during all seasons. During summer the fruity side was more prominent while the leathery / woody aspect remained quite dormant; Lately when I wear it it feels like a putting on a leather jacket that has just come out of a closet, slightly animalic and with a smoky / earthy vibe; cozy and perfect for winter as well.

SweDoft fragrances are available at Bloom Perfumery.

Naikii Double Shot

Naikii Natural was born from a need to be kinder and more sustainable by Lucy Akhurst who is also the perfumer behind La Maison Hedonique. All 3 Naikii Natural Skin Mists are vegan, natural and alcohol free, using a base from responsibly sourced coconut and the packaging is minimal and plastic free.

My favourite of the three is Double Shot, a gorgeous blend of coffee, tonka bean and cocoa that during summer it reminded me of my favourite mocha ice cream, equally fresh, sweet and with a delicious coffee kick! Delicious and strong, it wears excellently in winter as well as it brings and extra shot of coffee, warmed up on the skin and a hint of sweetness that's just perfectly comforting.

All 3 Naikii Natural fragrances are available online.

Jonathan Ward Assassin Belarus

Have you ever smelled a candle that you loved so much you desperately wanted a fragrance exactly like it? Well this is what happened to me when I smelled Assassin Belarus, Jonathan Ward's candle release back in March (juuuuust before lockdown). All his candles are built like fragrances with top, heart and base notes so the perfume oil he uses for them can be worn as a fragrance as well and he was kind enough to share some with me. Assassin Belarus is a rich, earthy fragrance with loads of spices that during summer felt soft and earthy on my skin; however as soon as the weather changed the spices have come alive and it has a delightful spicy, woody feel that just envelopes you. Complex and intense, it was inspired by the secret worlds that live among our own and sometimes the stories become known to us only to intrigue us more and make us wonder if there's so much more we're not aware of.

Do you have any fragrances you wear all year round?


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