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Aris Luce - Let There be Light

Do you burn candles during daytime? I find it oddly soothing to have a candle burning in the background during the day in the rare occasions that I'm actually home as I find its bright and fragrant flame to be a lovely companion even when the temperatures are high.

It helps a lot of course if a candle is looking as beautiful like the ones from Aris Luce I've had the opportunity to discover recently.

Inspired by unforgettable journeys and unique locations , Aris Luce is a new and very promising candle brand. Using 100% organic soy wax they create scented candles that capture the scent of their distinctive destination.

I was kindly sent 2 candles to try, London and Souk and there's a third one in the collection, Capri, that conjures the magical island’s joie de vivre and verve by using bergamot, grapefruit, petitgrain and other citrus oils, all sourced in Italy. It's on my to try list!

Beautifully crafted and packaged, London, which is my favourite, uses vetiver as a base on which fresh basil and cedar leaf with sparkling bergamot are layered. The result is a very fresh yet earthy scent that lingers on and very beautifully fragrances your surroundings. A very elegant scent for all spaces and hours of the day.

Souk on the other hand is spicy and enchanting with black pepper and frankincense blended with cardamom and coriander. It captures the essence of a North African market where precious spices and resins are being sold; the moment you light it you are immediately transported to the spice-scented streets. Perfect for date nights and candlelit dinners or simply if you like a more intense smelling candle.

Aris Luce is based in Kent and their candles are being hand poured in small batches, using 100% organic soy wax, unbleached cotton wick & pure essential oils while the packaging is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable while they also donate 10% of their profits to nature conservation.

If you're looking for a gorgeously looking and beautifully scented candle for yourself or for a gift do check them out! Link to their website here


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