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Assassin Belarus - A Candle Launch With A Bang

You know the expression "going out with a bang", right? That's exactly what we did on the 17th of March, thanks to Jonathan Ward and his exceptional, creative, gorgeous smelling candles!

The occasion; the launch of his new, inspired by espionage, candle aptly named Assassin Belarus.

Jonathan is one of those highly creative, sensitive, perfectionist people that will take an inspiration and build an entire world around it. The launch was a lengthy project that, if cancelled, would mean that months of preparation, discussions, collaborations and of course expenses would literally go down the drain. Instead, just as we were living "the last days of normal(ish) life", he chose to carefully host the event at his studio, with less guests and taking extra precautions, of course.

I'm so glad he did! Everyone present was aware of the rare privilege we had and cherished the moments we spent with each other, drinking amazing cocktails by tasting lovely canapes and the most artistic display of dessert creation by and watching a film created just for the occasion by the extremely talented

The candle is built like a fragrance with top, heart and base notes,

TOP: Organic Sri-Lankan Black Pepper

HEART: Virginian Cedarwood, Ginger, Nutmeg

BASE: Russian Birch Tar, Patchouli, Vetiver, Peat

Complex and intense, it was inspired by the secret worlds that live among our own and sometimes the stories become known to us only to intrigue us more and make us wonder if there's so much more we're not aware of.

When you light the candle the tingle of Sri Lankan black pepper awakens your nose and senses while the other notes get slowly released when the candle warms up. Playing with light and darkness, the heavy, intoxicating mix of Birch Tar, Patchouli, Vetiver and Peat plays with spiced cedarwood and the layers overlap to create a sense of mystery and power. There's a soft leathery feel to it, deep and kind of sweet in a subtle way balanced by the soft earty dryness of patchouli and vetiver.

Jonathan also read us briefly a piece from A Shadow Intelligence, Oliver Harris’ new espionage novel, which helped inspire the creation of Assassin Belarus.

Jonathan Ward candles are hand poured using a certified organic wax blend. Complex fragrances delivered in the cleanest way. British craftsmanship, global spirit.

Assassin Belarus is available from the Jonathan Ward website at priced at £48 for 165g.

*The candle was kindly gifted by Jonathan Ward and A Shadow Intelligence by Abacus Publishing


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