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Benigna Parfums - Premier Amour

There are some fragrances that are so beautifully made that transport you to the most joyous memories of the past. This is what happened to me when I tried Premier Amour by Benigna Parfums. Inspired by lasting impressions of images from her formative years of colorful floral landscapes has guided Benigna to create together with perfumer Cécile Zarokian a trio of exquisitely-composed gender-neutral fragrances with a purpose to inspire joy, harmony and appeal to those who want a luxurious sensory experience.

Using only the most superior quality and rarest ingredients, containing the most concentrated strength of precious fragrance oils, The Floral Trio Collection launched in Paris last year; an event that was streamed live on Facebook and I felt really envious watching it as due to the Covid restrictions I was unable to attend in person. I loved the concept and Cécile Zarokian being one of my favourite perfumers, made me want to try the fragrances vey much! Finally, I got my chance a year later, when I was kindly sent Premier Amour by the brand.

The Floral Trio Collection as I mentioned includes three wonderful fragrances. Escape Velocity is a heady, fresh floral flawlessly composed with a blend of white and Bulgarian Roses , Absolute Celebration is a bright, fruity floral designed to celebrate driving ambition, optimism, and the supreme victory of achievement, while Premier Amour is a sweet gourmand floral that is influenced by Benigna’s memories of her first love.

A sweet gourmand floral that revolves around tuberose, Premier Amour, blends the innocence of everlasting love with unbridled passion in a scent that is sweet, mysterious and alluring.

Heady tuberose flows with heliotrope and a sparkle of bergamot, blended with spicy cloves, sweet tonka bean and creamy woods in a whirlwind of precious materials transform into emotions. When I first tried it, it gave me a feeling of familiarity as if I was reconnecting to a long lost love. It's bright, lush and enveloping in the most comforting way. Intense and unconditional, like a secret shared with your first love, a sweet summer getaway, a rich bouquet of flowers, sprinkled with spices and laid on a bed of precious woods.

Presented in a diamond-faceted crystal bottle, hand-cut crystal stopper adorned with 7 Swarovski crystals inlaid around the 24-karat gold-plated neck and pure gold printed logo, the perfume bottles are equally precious as the perfume and reflect the brand's luxury and timeless appeal.

All the bottles are refillable and reusable, highlighting sustainability, and allowing customers to make this precious creation a forever keepsake to be enjoyed and passed down to future generations.

Everything has been extremely well thought of and designed to reflect the life, memories and experiences of the founder. You can purchase and read more about Benigna Parfums on their website

The Charity

The BeEagle Foundation is a non-profit organization Benigna created to inspire and encourage young women to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and to participate in challenging related initiatives, inspired by her own path and ambition to encourage others to pursue their dreams, a portion of the proceeds from Benigna Parfums will be allocated to promoting the initiatives of the BeEagle Foundation.

*Disclaimer: The bottle was sent to me by the brand; opinions are my own.


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