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Bentley Momentum - Scented Innovation

Bentley Motors have been quite busy in the last few years and have released a series well thought of fragrances that fully reflect the image of the brand, tell great stories and take us on olfactory journeys.

The newest addition this time came in the best-selling Momentum line and it's named Bentley Momentum Unbreakable.

Crafted from top-notch ingredients matching state-of-the-art technology with the age-old traditions of perfumery, Momentum Unbreakable meets the same, uncompromising standards as Bentley cars. A warmer, woodier interpretation of the bracing Momentum line, the new fragrance expresses all the thrilling facets of a contemporary urban adventurer.

During a fantastic online presentation where we had the opportunity to create a cocktail inspired of the fragrance, we also heard the very talented perfumer Ane Ayo who worked with Master Perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, talking about the process creating Momentum Unbreakable by using natural and synthetic materials obtained through carbon neutral biotechnology, as a sustainable alternative of Mysore sandalwood, which is now a protected species in India. Dreamwood© "adds an unexpected presence to the fragrance’s composition, bringing a richly luminous aura with the same codes found in Mysore sandalwood essential oil”, says Fabrice Pellegrin, who also heads the natural ingredients sector of the Swiss fragrance house of Firmenich, where the ingredient was developed.

Momentum Unbreakable opens bright and zesty with sparkling mandarin enhanced by an aquatic touch thanks to the violet leaves and a flash of lavender that brightens it up even more. Rosy geranium and powdery orris soften the composition while immortelle adds a dash of spice and warmth just before velvety patchouli makes an entrance boosting with its presence the woody facets of the creamy, sensual sandalwood note. Smoky Haitian vetiver and papyrus, create a long-lasting trail of a scent that reminds me late summer evening drives by the Mediterranean coast.

A spicy woody floral fragrance that although is marketed to the male audience can be very easily worn by women that love that sensual, fougere and smoky enveloping aura of a fragrance like that.

Top: Violet Leaves, Mandarin Sfuma, Lavender

Heart: Immortelle, Geranium, Orris

Base: Dreamwood©, Vetiver from Haiti, Papyrus, Patchouli

For Bentley Momentum Unbreakable, the bottle pioneers a truly innovative design. Tall, rectangular and faceted like an emerald-cut diamond, it is made of luxuriously heavy, customized glass thanks to Lalique. At the front it's covered with Stone Veneer, a real stone plate made of mica schist, a crystalline rock containing reflective slivers of mica. Each one 100% natural making each bottle a one of-a-kind piece. The slate-grey stone plate is etched with Bentley’s iconic “B in Wings” logo and the name of the fragrance. The back of the bottle is clad with an interpretation of the marque’s signature knurling. Embossed in a matte black plate covering the bottle from base to neck, it adds a sensuous tactility and strikingly graphic style to the flacon, crowned with a matte black cap. A gorgeous heavy and very tactile bottle that is a joy to hold and spray. The fact that each one is different adds on to the appeal! Overall an excellent fragrance creation with beautiful presentation!


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