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Christmas Gifting Guide PT.1

I published a post last week about fragrances with a twist that can work excellently in all seasons and of course make excellent Christmas gifts, however I believe in having ample choice! Therefore I've prepared a series of posts with fragrances I've tried lately that will suit every taste and I hope they will give you great ideas for treating loved ones and of course yourself!

603 by Bon Parfumeur

The newest addition to their line, 603 is a delightful mix of smoky leather, spices and flowers. It's plush and soft with just the right amount of darkness and a lick of sweetness from tonka beans. If you’re into leather perfumes (or want to offer this as a gift) this is a must try as it satisfies both the aromatic and the dark leather fragrance lovers!

Bouquet Encore by L'Orchestre Parfum

One of the 2 newest additions to their line, Bouquet Encore is an electronic ode to tuberose. Bright, luminous, bold and spicy it really brings out the delicious euphoric character of the precious flower that seems to make a huge comeback in perfumery. L'Orchestre have managed to make a very modern version full of vibrancy and as always they have accompanied this gorgeous scent with excellent music, this time by Popof and Animal & Me.

Amber Oud Gold Edition by Al Haramain

Amber Oud is a warm, sensual woody fragrance with a touch of freshness. It has a surprising fruity gourmand heart that blends wonderfully with the rich woody character of the composition and a fresh green opening. It's quite a classic scent with a lovely fruity touch!

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L’Homme À la Rose by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

MFK's latest release L’ Homme À la Rose is an attempt to change the notion that men can’t wear roses.

It's a fresh, sparkling and very herbal Rose with a dry finish that feels very invigorating. When you first spray it you get a burst of juicy grapefruit before the roses appear, fresh light; the scent of pale pink or white roses complete with the smell of leaves and stems as if they’re freshly cut and just brought in from the garden, still with a hint of something herbal and earthy lingering on. The dry down remains quite rosy with a light woody finish that holds a bit of stickiness thanks to labdanum and a certain dryness that keeps the feeling of the fragrance crisp and fresh throughout. An excellent new release, I’m expecting this to become extremely popular and not necessarily only for men!

Privarot by LEN

I have previously reviewed most of LEN's fragrances. A new and very promising fragrance brand that demonstrates how a brand can combine, creativity and storytelling with excellent smelling fragrances!

Privarot is a love elixir, with captivating floral notes of ylang-ylang and jasmine, magically blended with sandalwood and orange blossom. Fresh and carefree at the beginning it draws you in before it releases it's seductive heart of lush flowers and creamy sandalwood that cast a spell and leave you no choice but to surrender to its charms. An ultimate weapon of seduction.

If you want to read my review on the other LEN fragrances click here

I hope you've enjoyed my suggestions and keep tuned for more!!


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