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Christmas Gifting Guide PT.2 - Red is The Color of The Season

Red is unmistakably the color we most associate with Christmas and the celebrations of the New Year. Red is powerful and positive, symbolizing joy and prosperity and I must admit I have a soft spot for red bottles or red packaging, it just makes me feel so festive! Some of my favorite red bottles lately that can make gorgeous presents and of course smell fantastic are:

Juliette Has A Gun - Lipstick Fever

Juliette Has A Gun never ceases to amaze me with their creations! One of the latest ones, Lipstick Fever arrived just as I was coming back from summer holidays late September and it just took me a little longer than usual to properly try; I’m glad I waited now as it absolutely perfect for this season!

A very uplifting fragrance with a naughty raspberry bite in the opening that leads to powdery violets and iris combo, vividly expressing the scent of luxurious lipsticks and powder rooms furnished with heavy wooden cabinets, dimmed lights, silk and a touch of sweetness thanks to vanilla. I absolutely adore it as it’s got a very elegant retro feel with a contemporary twist!

Banana Republic - Dark Cherry & Amber

If you’re looking for a gorgeous scent that won’t break the bank for a gift or just yourself, look no further than Dark Cherry & Amber by Banana Republic. I'm a big fan of the brand as they constantly release extremely wearable scents!

Dark Cherry & Amber is delicious mix of sour cherries and sweet praline that lays on a woody bed of cedar and amber, balancing beautifully sweetness with darkness in a warm and enveloping way.

Maison Sybarite - 720

My favorite release from the brand so far, a scent that is also perfect for the season, is named 720 and it's a creation by Master Perfumer Antoine Lie.

720 is a fragrance that sneaks up on you with a spicy and aromatic opening; the emulsion mist feels very luxurious and is very moisturizing, without compromising the intensity of the fragrance.

The scent envelopes your skin and soon the aromatic facet of the lavender slides into into an animalic territory thanks to earthy patchouli and soothing cedarwood, sweetened by tonka and spiced up by cardamom and cinnamon. The birch tar adds a hint of sticky sweetness to the fragrance that really enhances the feeling of the fragrance becoming one with your skin. I'm always looking forward to new releases from this brand as they represent to me a very new and exciting concept!

Al Haramain - Manège Rouge

Manège Rouge is a playful, sweet fragrance with a delicious gourmand character thanks to a mix of caramel, amber and jasmine livened up with sparkling citrus. It has a soft and sweet feel that will bring a happy smile to your face and although it doesn't come in a red bottle it has the most impressive gold details and it packaged in a red box that will definitely please anyone who receives it as a gift!

Atelier Cologne Love Osmanthus

One of the most elegant osmanthus fragrances, Love Osmanthus feels like a beautiful song on your skin, gently crisp and blooming with delicious floral notes and a soft woody finish; all wrapped up in the perfect festive bottle!

Lastly a perfume related gift, in red, if you still feel unsure of what to buy to a perfume loving friend or relative is a unique perfume atomizer by Marcel Franck. It's the perfect way to carry around your favorite fragrance in the most elegant way!

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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