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Escentric Molecules - New Molecule + Review

It all started in 2006 when Geza Schoen released the first pair of fragrances for Escentric Molecules; Escentric 01 & Molecule 01 - the former being a composition containing 65% of the ISO E Super molecule and the latter being a 100% pure molecule. It became an immediate hit as it resonated with a lot of people, the molecule being more popular than the composition. I've heard people on the street talk about it with enthusiasm which makes me so happy that a lab discovery has added so much character to so many compositions and has made people appreciate the art of perfumery.

So how do you improve a Molecule? How can you make such a successful composition even better?

After a few more molecule - escentric duo releases, Geza Schoen decided to revisit the initial molecule ISO E Super mostly because it remains one of the most versatile and easy to use synthetics that can stand on its own and of course enhance most of the perfume ingredients; there are some that it just doesn't work well with as Geza described his failed attempts during the live presentation we had.

Molecule 01 + Iris

The first attempt was with Iris, with it's buttery softness in a warm embrace. Iris being the most precious of all natural materials has the unique quality to add a layer of luxury to all compositions and this one is not an exception. Molecule + Iris is an immediate love, a delicious fragrance with an amazing trail, subtle and powerful, flowing and powdery, an elegant composition that is destined to become the best seller of the line.

Molecule 01 + Mandarin

If you are looking for the juiciest, most aromatic citrus fragrance for summer, look no further. Molecule 01 + Mandarin is sweet and juicy with a warm come hither feeling that instantly transposts me to a beach at sunset. It's bottled happiness!

Molecule 01 + Patchouli

The most surprising of the 3, Molecule 01 + Patchouli is not like any other patchouli scent you've smelt before. Geza Schoen has very cleverly removed a part of the damp closet feeling that this material usually gives you and has replaced it with extra warmth and coziness like a thick and utterly soft cashmere blanket loosely wrapped around you. It's radiant and warm and I see it easily competing Iris in popularity.

The macarons you see in the photos are from OhLala Macarons! kindly sent by the PR company along with the fragrances for review. The blue was scented with the most delicious Madagascan Vanilla, the orange with aromatic Orange Blossom and the brown was a delicious combination of chocolate and fig.

The 3 M+ fragrances, M+ Iris, M+ Mandarin and M+ Patchouli, have launched on the 23rd of March and retail at £95 (100ml EDT). You can find them at , Harvey Nichols & Liberty

Which one is your favourite ?


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