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Esxence 2022 - First Impressions - part 2

The journey in Esxence continued with peaked interest and my nose lead me to old friends and new exciting discoveries.

Had a lovely catch up with Dimitri of Goldfield and Banks and tried the gorgeous Purple Suede, an aromatic sunburnt lavender plus had a sneak peek of the new release coming later this year.

So happy to see this brand evolve so much!

One of the most joyous booths was Le Jardin Retrouvé's, an oasis of beautiful fragrances and sounds in the middle of the MiCo centre. I love their beautiful fragrances, Rose Trocadero and Mousse Arashiyama are my favourites, but I also had a chance to see their lovely candles and the scented stems, a super Eco- friendly and sustainable room fragrance idea.

Parfums Dusita had a very busy booth with their latest release, Montri, featured and very loved by all. Pissara was engaged constantly in meetings and it just goes to show how popular the brand is. If you haven't tried any of their fragrances and want to start, I'd suggest to begin with Splendiris, Anamcara and Oudh Infini.

One of my favourite new brand discoveries was Pernoire, a Swiss brand created by a pair of young entrepreneurs that explore fragrance in their own way, creating perfumes that can transform your personality using their olfactory power. My favourite, Tierra, was inspired by their travels in South America and it's a boozy, spicy vanilla with a rich and warm earthy finish.

Already receiving raving reviews, Meθexis by Manos Gerakinis is a sweet gourmand fragrance, milky, earthy, sweet and dusted in cocoa powder, it has a bright luminous yet sensual feel. A perfect tribute to fig one of the most important and sacred fruits of ancient Athens.

Always a pleasure catching up with Hiram Green and trying his gorgeous natural perfumes. His latest release, Arcadia, is an aromatic, creamy floral fougere, built around lavender and exploring it's green, lush side, combined with earthy patchouli, sweet tonka mixed with creamy sandalwood and lashings of jasmine and rose.

Elisire was another brand I had a chance to try a bit more in detail. Created by Franck Salzwedel, a French artist, it's a great interpretation of the connection between fragrance and color & the transporting power of scent. One of my favourites is Elixir Absolu by Ilias Ermenidis. Flamboyant, cheerful and intoxicating, lush and sweet it's a delight to the senses.

I had a chance to discover VIADEIMILLE SICILY fragrances a few years ago when they launched their initial 3 fragrances and I was glad to see that the collection has now 2 more scents, Dolce Kaos, a sweet figgy mandarin fragrance, very Mediterranean and of course the latest one, Kore Sacra, revolving around pomegranate and deep woody notes; very beautiful.

Bohoboco is a brand I've been following for a while as they have some of the most unusual fragrance notes combinations. The latest 2 releases speak for themselves, Wet Cherry Liquor is a juicy and boozy gourmand with a distinctive cherry scent and Wild Carrot Oud blends carrot and cinnamon with oud, leather and tobacco in a most interesting way.

Finally, for the end of my part 2 Esxence journey, a brand I got to know during the previous exhibition and have since been following with great interest. Begim tells a scent story in each bottle from a place or history and transports you into a moment in time. They have just released a new trio of fragrances, King Noble, Stars Dance & Universe of Love and my favourite of the 3, Stars Dance is bright and smooth at the same time with a green vibe and a creamy, musky finish.


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