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Introducing Charlotte Rhys Scent From South Africa

South Africa is a country I've been most intrigued to visit as it's home to breath taking landscapes and a world of plants both fascinating and beautiful. So, when I was asked to review products from Charlotte Rhys, a South African luxury and ethical lifestyle brand, I was really excited.

Founded in 1999 by partners Janet Rhys and Shaun McDermott, Charlotte Rhys is a premium lifestyle brand known for its offering in luxury fragrance, home, bath and body products.

Charlotte Rhys' finely fragranced bath, body and home products have adorned elite retreats and luxury hotels across South Africa. From perfumes and pillow sprays to candles and body crèmes, every collection includes products designed to scent you and your home in the most deliciously fragrant way.

Charlotte Rhys products are vegan friendly, cruelty free and created with sustainable practices such as biodegradable packaging. Each item is available in a range of signature scents across four core fragrance collections:

• Green & Clean, including the fragrances St. Tomas and Victor.

• Warm & Spicy, including the fragrances Key Lime & Ginger, Oud Noir, Pure Charcoal and Under the Leaves.

• Citrus, including the fragrances Bergamot & Lime and No. 17.

• Floral, including the fragrances Jasmine, Oud Blanche and Spring Flowers.

Charlotte Rhys Spring Flowers

A delightfully sweet and fresh fragrance with an abundance of rich florals; rose, ylang, jasmine, violet and orange blossom bloom complementing each other while plum, clove and musk round up and sweeten the composition. If feels like walking in the florist on a hot summer day; stepping in the cool airconditioned shop filled with rich bouquets of mesmerising flowers; the cool air and sweet aroma making you instantly happy.

Available in 100ml bottle for £65

Charlotte Rhys Supreme Body Cream no.17

Charlotte Rhys Supreme Body Cream features a rich textured formula that leaves the skin hydrated, nourished and moisturised all day long. No. 17 has a delightfully fresh and zesty fragrance that envelopes you with a fruity warmth thanks to sweet citruses, delicate flowers and a warm woody base. The fragrance stays on the skin and it's perfect for layering.

Available in a 300g jar for £30.00

Charlotte Rhys takes pride in growing internationally as a brand with sustainability at its core. From its home in South Africa, the brand develops luxury products with a conscience. 100% endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty and The Vegan Society, the company is committed to creating products that are ‘Kind to you and Kind to Nature’.

You can now find all Charlotte Rhys products here in the UK at

*I was kindly sent the products to review; opinions are my own.


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