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J.U.S. A New An Exciting French Perfume Brand

J.U.S is a new 100% French perfume brand created for the adventurous fragrance consumer, who is looking for a personal, alternative fragrance and a unique sensory experience. J.U.S is vibrant collaboration with a new generation of French master perfumers, who've been given give free rein and have created 11 fragrances in 2 collections that are housed in vintage, brightly-colored, Pop-Art-looking, bottles and gift boxes with graphic “wallpaper” that reflect the joyful, vibrant and creative values of the brand.

J.U.S is setting trends & offering new scent experiences; an alternative brand that focuses on sustainability throughout the production process. Up-cycling and re-using where possible, J.U.S. also uses vintage bottle molds for the JOYAUX UNIQUE fragrance collection. Every fragrance bottle is returnable and refillable and the beautiful gift boxes are reusable. Nothing is lost, everything is re-imagined and reinvented.

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The JOYAUX UNIQUE Collection reflects the history of French perfumery.


Perfumer - Fabrice Pellegrin

Notes: Cassis, Rose Damascena, Rose Centifolia, Hedione, Bulgarian Damascena Rose, Elemi

A very green and rosy scent, vibrantly fresh and slightly fruity that embodies the idea of the bright and colorful scent of rose sepals during the rose harvest in Grasse; The combination of three qualities of rose brings a great richness to this perfume. The floral naturalism is intensified by Hedione, which gives the note a diaphanous and moist aura. The perfumer's image: the stem from the root to the delicate thorns, the sap running under the foliage, the reflection of the sun… An instantaneous olfactory journey, unique in the fields of Grasse, at day’s end…”


Perfumer - Fabrice Pellegrin

Notes: Oily Leather, Astrotone, Violet Leaves Absolute, Iris, Hedione, Muscenone

A velvety, bitter floral scent laid on soft leather, delicate and fresh with a leather note reminiscent of tanneries. A tribute to the tradition of Grasse leather but also to the use of perfume as an olfactory ornament.


Perfumer - Aurélien Guichard

Notes: Laos FirBest Oud, Santos Coffee SFE, Sandalwood Accord, Patchouli HE, Tonka Absolute

A very interesting play between coffee and oud, a juxtaposition between the sweet facet of oud and the bitterness of coffee with a labdanum glue that binds them together creating a highly dark and attractive scent with a bold presence.

The JOYAUX SENSORIELS Collection is young and colorful with formulas that are inspired by tradition but rooted in contemporary perfume… Odes to sensuality.


Perfumer: Céline Ellena

Notes: Basil Grand Vert, Calabrian Bergamot, Hedione, Magnolan, Musk

The smell of the first days of spring, bright, fresh green and slightly salty, Springpop is joyful and sweet with a warm musky drydown.


Perfume: Fabrice Pellegrin

Notes: Iris Base, Oxide Rose, Hedione, Cashmeran, Tagetes, ISO E Super

A tribute to iris, here blended with rose. Powdery Rose softens Iris, brings out its cold beauty. The Rose ceases to be romantic, the Iris ceases to be haughty. Rose and Iris waltz in unison. A creation in chiaroscuro, contrasted and magnetic.


Perfumer - Aurélien Guichard 

Notes: Leather, Incense, Oliban Essence, Safraleine, Elemi Essence, Bourbon, ISO E Super

A beauiful leather scent, rich, burning, dense, radiating… an elegant pas de deux between incense and saffron ... where the ingredients melt and merge. If the light had a scent...


Perfumer - Alexandra Carlin

Notes: Citrus, Spicy Heperide, Madagascar Ginger roots, Pink peppercorns and leaves, Bouquet of aromatics, Angelica roots, Fig Accord, Absinthe Mint, Sage, Lemongrass, Vetiver, Musk

Built around laterite, Madagascar's endemic variety of zesty ginger with hints of lemon and verbena, Ginerlise, has Angelica root added to the composition for an earthy and musky boost, while Absinthe leaf adds bitterness. The drydown is woody and soft with a musky powdery tone and slightly animalic thanks to the leathery fruitiness of the fig .


Perfumer - Aurélien Guichard

Notes: Amber, Sea salt Accord, Cedar, Iso E Super, Bergamote HE , Pepper, Bergamot, Ambroxan, Labdanum, Citron

Abstract and mineral like sand washed away by the sea and dried again under hot sun, it has an extreme summer feeling to it. Bright blue and happy.


Perfumer - Céline Ellena

Notes: Galaxolide, Isoraldeine, Hedione, Immortelle Absolute, Black Pepper, Ambrettolide, Patchouli, Ambroxan, ISO E Super, Heliotrope, Musk.

A silver amber that diffuses a thousand contrasting facets: hot and cold, soft and dry, limpid and matte. After a while it becomes one with your skin and enhances your scent. An excellent fragrance for layering as well.

Perfumer’s note: Fall in love with a scent of skin... a heat that is intensely cold...


Perfumer - Alexandra Carlin

Notes: Black pepper essence, Orange Blossom Absolute, Bigarade sorbet accord, Iris powder, Ink accord, Velvet leather

An ode to black that welcomes the sun; a leathery fresh scent that masterfully combines blackcurrants with leather, radiating bigarade, orange and orange blossom and a hefty dose of pepper. Bright and bold with a velvety drydown.


Perfumer - Alienor Massenet

Notes: Rose Accord, Labdanum Absolute, Gurjum balsam essence, Wood Accord, Natural Oud India, Vanilla, Myrrh, Tonka Bean, Patchouli, Musk

A perfume light as a feather with the most intoxicating trail, it imprints on you and becomes your second nature. My absolute favourite of the line, I've been wearing it non stop as it thrives on it's contrasting materials. Rose, oud and vanilla set the mood while you take a trip down the Spice Road. Aliénor’s key signature, Cistus Labdanum Absolute, gives a mystical dimension.

A “virtuous circle:” raw ingredients chosen for their lack of impact on the environment. 89% renewable carbon.

All J.U.S. perfumes are available at Bloom perfumery

A quick word about the perfumers that created them: Aliénor Massenet has been making a difference since childhood thanks to her olfactory sensitivity. She grew up surrounded by artists and scientists, where she recognized perfume as her ideal means of expression. She draws her creativity from moments of emotion sometimes provoked by other artistic fields from which she is inspired. Aliénor Massenet signed the Sexycrush perfume from J.U.S

Céline Ellena tells the scented stories that inspire her in her everyday life, in her olfactory creations but also in her writing. Indeed, after 10 years of creation for major groups, Céline Ellena began a career as an independent perfumer and decided to open her blog. She likes to think of perfumers as embroiderers of memories, weavers of bonds... and soul menders. Springpop and Superfusion by J.U.S are by Céline Ellena.

Alexandra Carlin has a natural artistic sensitivity and appreciates all forms of expression such as dance or literature. She draws her inspiration from her fascination with the power of words. In her perfumes, she reveals places and atmospheres, in the manner of an author in her novel. Alexandra Carlin signed the Noiressence and Gingerlese perfumes from J.U.S

Aurélien Guichard comes from a line of seven generations of perfumers. He perpetuated this family know-how by becoming a perfumer at an early age and recently took over a business of rose grower in Grasse.

Each of his creations reflects the respect of an oral transmission collected with great attention and tenderness. He considers perfumery as a way of life, where sense of observation, sensitivity to others and generosity are the qualities of the perfumer. His inspiration comes mainly from the exchanges with the people he meets.

Coffeeze, Ambraser and Ultrahot perfumes from Maison JUS are by Aurélien Guichard.

Fabrice Pellegrin draws his inspiration from the heart of nature and offers an olfactory journey with his creations. Son of a perfumer, he gets his signature from his childhood when he went to pick flowers with his maternal grandmother in the hills of Grasse.

Fabrice Pellegrin affirms his predilection for niche brands in which he finds a new refinement. Today a creative perfumer at Firmenich, he was recently named Best Perfumer of the Year 2017 by the profession.

Fabrice Pellegrin has created three fragrances from Maison JUS: Cuirissime, Rosamonda and Sopoudrage.


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