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Jaguar ERA - New Fragrance For a New Age

New ERA, new fragrance.

Jaguar is turning a leaf in it's history and aims to become an all electric car brand from 2025. Following the new and exciting plans the company has laid out for the next years, it was about time to release a new fragrance to mark the change. Vey aptly named, ERA, it stands for being authentic, evolving and true to your values; a fragrance more than a symbol or an automobile association.

The bottle is heavily inspired by Jaguar car details and 100% recyclable, made in Italy by Bormioli Luigi, a prestige glassmaker committed to sustainable manufacturing techniques.

Streamlined and eye-catching, ERA’s bottle expresses the aspiration of today’s generation for less-is-more, conscious luxury. Jaguar’s new monogram is the symbol of this contemporary stance and is embossed on the glass of the bold, cylindrical bottle, tinted in a gradient of black to transparent at the base. Inspired by the dynamic lines of Jaguar Design the conical front of the bottle is silk-screened in silver with the name ERA and the brand’s new, modernized logo. Its subtle details inspired by legacy but looking forward to the future. The shiny silver cap bears the round shaped logo that is used on round surfaces of Jaguar cars.

ERA combines a fresh modern vibe with a classic fougère touch that feels fresh, a cool balance between energy-infused aromatic ingredients and robust woody notes.

Top notes: Bergamot, lemon, mandarin

Heart notes: Pineapple note, mojito fusion, pepper fusion, geranium, lavender, cardamom, aniseed

Base notes: Virginia cedar wood, cedar leaf, patchouli cedar fusion, sandalwood, amber, musk

Composed like a modern cocktail by Master Perfumer Dominique de Preyssas, ERA starts off with a zesty citrus cocktail of bergamot, lemon and mandarin while a juicy pineapple note adds extra sparkle with an unexpected splash of a Mojito accord, lashed with aniseed and cardamom against a classic lavender and geranium backdrop. Pepper Fusion adds a very interesting spicy tingle, while suave amber and musk with sleek Virginia Cedar wood add a touch of elegance. Creamy, smoky sandalwood essence blended with Patchouli Cedar Fusion add creamy velvety depth. Modern, sleek and very aromatic!

Let's drive off to a new ERA smelling fabulous!


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