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Lalique Les Compositions Parfumées

Following the launch of Les Compositions Parfumées Electric Purple, Pink Paradise and Sweet Amber last year, Lalique presented in February three bold new scents, Blue Rise, Velvet Plum and my favourite of three, Infinite Shine. Three colours. Three emotions. A fusion of natural and molecular ingredients, expressing three modern olfactory stories inspired by René Lalique.

This exclusive collection is inspired by the alchemy of perfumery, jewellery and crystal making, welcomes 3 new scents, colours and emotions:

Fresh. Luxuriant. Tropical… Blue Rise, a dive into a dewy floral paradise, by Vincent Ricord

Lush. Glam. Bohemian… Velvet Plum, a sensual suede and cashmere wrap, by Valerie Garnuch-Mentzel

Spicy. Fiery. Wild… Infinite Shine, a flamboyant veil of saffron and rose, by Corinne Cachen.

Blue Rise Fresh. Luxuriant. Tropical.

Mesmerising blue, dreamy, watery and lucid, Blue Rise uses two magic molecules: the fruity, dewy Helional, and the green, tropical Undecavertol along with a blend of natural jasmine sambac absolute to create an image of tropical water jasmine. An aquatic floral bouquet softened by powdery iris concrete and musky cashmere wood that add a sophisticated drydown to an alluring tropical scent.

Velvet Plum Lush. Glam. Bohemian.

Juicy, fuzzy plum. A butter soft suede scent, Velvet Plum is enriched with the beautiful molecule Cashmeran that adds warmth and musky notes. Sweet heliotrope, powdery iris and velvety patchouli along with hypnotic tuberose and apricot-scented osmanthus create a sensuous scent with a mysterious soul.

Infinite Shine Spicy. Fiery. Wild.

Rich and warm with a flamboyant combination of rose, sandalwood and saffron. In Infinite Shine the molecule used was safranal that adds a spicy / leathery Middle - Eastern feel to the fragrance, while crimson red roses are enhancing the feel before creamy sandalwood adds a soft golden glow to the fiery fragrance. My favourite of the three as it's a combination of warmth, edible notes and lush roses enjoyed under a golden sunset.

Inspired by René Lalique’s mythical “Duncan” collection, designed in 1931, the elegant satin-finished Art Deco flacon is topped with a white wooden cap bearing Lalique’s “Hirondelles” logo in gold. A golden metal pendant, also presenting the emblem, is tied around the neck of the bottle by a coloured cord, highlighting the exclusivity of the Collection. The previous Les Compositions Parfumées Electric Purple, Pink Paradise and Sweet Amber were equally exquisite and you should definitely try them as well!

I hope perfume keeps you entairtained during these difficult times. Stay home and keep safe!


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