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Lili Fantasy - Let Them Eat Cake!

Juliette Has A Gun is renowned for releasing fragrances with a quirky and fun background story and the latest one is no exception. The new embodiment of Juliette is carefree like a bubble of champagne, frivolous and disobedient. Lili Fantasy has been created by using white flowers and ambery notes blended with a gourmand twist to bring into life a scent that's joyous and nonchalant!

Imagine velvet curtains, dress up parties and flowing champagne, laughter and good times that we've all missed in the last couple of years; dancing and having fun all bottled up with a carefree spirit.

Top note : Bubble Gum Accord

Heart notes : Jasmine Absolute, Tuberose Absolute

Base notes : Ambery Accord, Ambroxan

Lili Fantasy sets off with a light gourmand bubble-gum note that has a hint of minty freshness and quickly goes into the white floral tuberose - jasmine heart however treading lightly and maintaining a fresh and luminous character before it settles into a velvety, ambery finish. It's a very fresh interpretation of tuberose, modern and welcoming with a sparkle; a scent that will work perfectly in autumn - winter weather and will make a great companion in naughty escapades! Looking forward to a night out with Lili Fantasy!

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