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Luxury Layering Discovery Box by The Perfume Society

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy during the COVID-19 health crisis we're going through. Just before everything pretty much exploded, The Perfume Society kindly sent me their newest discovery box to try; Luxury Layering is inspired by Lorna McKay's (Co-Founder of The Perfume Society) love of fragrance layering; a passion I share as many times, either intentionally or not, I will layer the fragrances I wear. There are many tips and tricks, either to use different products like shower gel, creams, mists, hair fragrance or perfume of the same fragrance or mix and match to create a completely personalised scent.

I personally prefer the latter way and I try to make notes of what works and what not so I can repeat it in the future. Luxury Layering has many wonderful fragrances and body products you can wear on their own or experiment and create a personalised fragrant combination.

We start with 4 creations from KAYALI, the fragrance brand recently launched by Huda Kattan with her sister, Mona Kattan. In the box you will find KAYALI Vanilla, Musk, Citrus and Elixir.

Vanilla is cremy and floral with a lovely brown sugar sweet tooth, Citrus is surprisingly juicy and blooming with lush roses, Musk is soft and playfully sprinkled with vanilla and jasmine and Elixir starts with a juicy bite of red apple while the precious heart of Rose and Jasmine gives way to a luxurious and very long lasting vanilla / patchouli drydown. I'm really looking forward to more fragrances for them.

Tapping into the demand for all things natural is CLEAN Reserve, whose Sueded Oud and Warm Cotton are included in the box. Sueded Oud is warm, sweet and creamy while Warm Cotton is fresh and ozonic with a pinch of ginger.

Malin + Goetz's Bergamot is a very intresting interpretation of this lovely citrus fruit that's bright, sharp, bittersweet and as a bonus has a soft woody touch.

Molton Brown’s iconic Orange & Bergamot is pure sunshine! Bright and sweet it feels like you're eagerly biting on the juicy flesh of a ripe orange to cool down from the summer heat. If you're looking for an uplifting addition to your shower routine you need to but the shower gel as well!

Jovoy is a treasure trove when it comes to perfumes and their own line is quite exquisite. I have many times professed my love for Rose Millesimee and the two perfumes included in the box are Rouge Assassin, a powdery lipstick-y rose scent with a sweet woody drydown which becomes like second skin and La Liturgie des Heuresis, a powerful incense / myrrh composition that reminds me of the calming soft smell of Greek Orthodox churches.

Givenchy's L’Interdit (in an eau de parfum concentration) is also included in the box and it's an irressistible mix of intoxicating tuberose, juicy pear and sweet vanila among other things. A tiny spray is more than enough to make a bold statement!

I've been following Shay & Blue for many years and their creations are unique and refreshing! Blackberry Woods that's included in Luxury Layering feels and smells like a walk in the woods, juicy, fruity, leafy and woody with a breeze of freshness; quite lovely!

Last but not least, Mugler Alien Mirage is quite abstract, with refreshing mineral-aquatic notes and pretty flowers, wrapped in warm, enveloping woods and amber. Quite calming and soothing.

But this box is of course dedicated to layering it includes body broducts as well. Malin + Goetz Bergamot Wash, Smooth Mugler Alien Body Lotion & Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Body Lotion.

A couple of my favourite layering combinations are:

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Body Lotion with a spray of Givenchy's L’Interdit

CLEAN Reserve, whose Sueded Oud with a spritz of Shay & Blue Blackberry Woods

KAYALI Elixir and Musk sprayed together

The price is : £19 + p&p* (£15 + p&p – for all Perfume Society V.I.P. Club Members - I highly recommend ou become a member, I myself have been one since the very beginning!) *postage & packaging is charged at £3. Only sold in the UK.

NB Once customers have their box, they enjoy access to an on-line magazine of SMELLING NOTES to bring the fragrances alive, packed with insider tips and useful info.


CLEAN Reserve 10ml eau de parfum (full size £20 for 10ml)

CLEAN Reserve 10ml eau de parfum (£20 for 10ml)

Givenchy L’Interdit 1ml eau de parfum (£52 for 35ml)

Jovoy Rouge Assassin 2ml eau de parfum (£130 for 100ml)

Jovoy La Liturgie des Heures 2ml eau de parfum (£130 for 100ml)

KAYALI Citrus I 08 1.5ml eau de parfum (£67 for 50ml)

KAYALI Elixir I 11 1.5ml eau de parfum (£67 for 50ml)

KAYALI Musk I 12 1.5ml eau de parfum (£67 for 50ml)

KAYALI Vanilla I 28 1.5ml eau de parfum (£67 for 50ml)

Malin & Goetz Bergamot 0.75ml eau de parfum (£75 for 50ml)

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot 2.5ml eau de parfum (£110 for 100ml)

Mugler Alien Mirage 2ml eau de parfum (£59 for 60ml)

Shay & Blue Blackberry Wood 2ml eau de parfum (£25 for 10ml)

Malin & Goetz Bergamot Hand & Body Wash 30ml (full size £20 for 250ml)

Molton Brown Orange & Bergamot Body Lotion 100ml (£26 for 300ml)

MUGLER Alien Body Lotion 10ml sachet (£38 for 200ml)

Enjoy sniffing and layering!


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