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Maison Sybarite- Fragrant Pleasure Seeking

Sybaris was described by Herodotus as a powerful city, founded in 720 BC, on the Ionian coast in southern Italy and was part of Magna Grecia. Sybaris amassed great wealth thanks to its fertile land and busy port ad its inhabitants became famous among the Greeks for their hedonism, feasts, and excesses, to the extent that "sybarite" and "sybaritic" had become synonymous for opulence, luxury and outrageous pleasure-seeking.

Maison Sybarite, a new eco-conscious perfume brand, drew it's inspiration by the history of Sybaris and in 2019 introduced 4 fragrances that are sustainable, environmental friendly and at the same time luxurious and pleasurable.

My favorite of the 4 is named 720 and it's a creation by Master Perfumer Antoine Lie

NOTES :Birch Tar – Lavender - Cardamom – Cinnamon – Nutmeg - Ambrox – Tonka Bean – Patchouli – Cedarwood

A fragrance that sneaks up on you with a spicy and aromatic opening; the emulsion mist feels very luxurious and is very moisturizing, without compromising the intensity of the fragrance.

The scent envelopes your skin and soon the aromatic facet of the lavender slides into into an animalic territory thanks to earthy patchouli and soothing cedarwood, sweetened by tonka and spiced up by cardamom and cinnamon. The birch tar adds a hint of sticky sweetness to the fragrance that really enhances the feeling of the fragrance becoming one with your skin.

Sophisticated and gender free this gorgeous scent offers a great alternative to alcohol based fragrances.

All 4 fragrances from Maison Sybarite are formulated with micro-emulsions to avoid using alcohol and are housed in recyclable packaging using paper from sustainable forests. Maison Sybarite are very conscious, clear and knowledgeable about the differences between “Organic” , “Natural” and “Clean” as these terms have been wildly misused by cosmetic companies. Maison Sybarite uses both natural and synthetic ingredients that are vegan friendly and cruelty free as they focus on safety and sustainability. Not every natural fragrance is organic, and synthetic can be also sustainable!

You can purchase Maison Sybarite online and also find them at Bloom perfumery in London


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