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ME. - The Perfume Shop's Own Line

If there's one thing the lockdown has taught me is to slow down and take a moment or two (or more), just for myself. Looking back to the launch I attended back at the end of February, it seems now it was a little prophetic; The Perfume Shop's own collection, named ME. was introduced!

ME. collection has been created exclusively for The Perfume Shop; 3 fragrances were chosen and a line of affordable scented products was built around them.

Feel Empowered. Feel Tranquil. Feel Invigorated.

The ME. collection includes perfumes, body care and home products that are vegan friendly, cruelty free and recyclable, with fragrances designed to transport you to the mood you choose.

Find peace and serenity with the fresh, green scent of Tranquil. My favourite of the three, is a calm herbal scent with aromatic basil, luscious neroli and a grounding, earthy drydown thanks to vetiver and musk .

Feel awake and energised with the fresh and floral Invigorate; a sparkling white light and breezy floral with juicy blackberry, aromatic bay leaves and warm cedarwood.

Conquer the day with Empowered, a revitalising blend of zesty citrus and aromatic notes, very fresh and uplifting! Sweet mandarin mingles with fresh basil and mesmerising lilac, iris and thyme while earthy vetiver and woody notes wrap up the composition.

I really enjoyed using the body products that were gifted to me and now that The Perfume Shop's online shop is up and running again I will definitely be indulging to a few more!

You will find the prices to be extremely good with the fragrances @£14.99, the shower gels @£6.99, the body lotions @£6.99, the candles @£9.99, the difusers @£12.99, the hand wash & hand lotion @£5.99 and soap @ just £1.99, a perfect excuse for some ME. time.


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