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MEMO Paris - Corfu

If you're dreaming of holidays under the Mediterranean sun, then wearing a fragrance that captures the feeling of sun kissed skin that's just come out of the sea is the best way to travel vicariously.

MEMO PARIS is taking us on a journey to CORFU The new Eau de Parfum from the “Graines Vagabondes” collection is a solar perfume, as vibrant as the Greek sky, leaving on the skin a warm trail, like a memory of a dive in the Ionian Sea. A creation signed by Philippe Paparella it's described as a modern chypre overdosed with musk.

Corfu is one of my favorite Greek islands; beautiful beaches, lush mountainous interior, gorgeous old towns with historical buildings and a rich cultural heritage, make the island one of the most popular destinations.

Opening with tart rhubarb, fizzy citrus and aromatic basil, this bright awakening is followed by a soft and delicate bouquet of roses, juicy summer fruit, white flowers and lily of the valley softly releasing her fragrance on a breezy day. Gorgeous musky facets leave the skin sophisticatedly fragranced with notes of milky sandalwood, creamy amber and cashmere woods.

Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Cassis Abs, Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange, Basil, Ambrette Seed, Rose Oil, Spike, RHUBARB, Jasmine, LILY OF THE VALLEY, Peach, Raspberry, Geranium, Clove, Orris, MUSK, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber, Moss, Patchouli Sulawesi, Tonka

I can already see a skin dancing in the sun, dipping into the depths of turquoise ink; I see floral, fruity notes and a sunlit musk flourish in the air.” Clara Molloy

An exceptionally composed fragrance, Corfu by MEMO Paris, truly expresses the beauty and heritage of this island. Corfu has been a great power especially in Ancient Greek naval history and the Italian, Byzantinian, Roman, British and French influences it has received through the years have left a mark on it and created a really unique character. Rich in culture and especially music, you can always tell when someone comes form the island of Corfu as their speech is so musical.

The fragrance follows the same pattern, a joyous blend of sunny, fruity and floral ingredients that celebrate the sunshine and the sea.

Memo Paris loves the company of artists, authors and illustrators, who let their imagination wander along the landscape. That is why Memo Paris has invited two artists to further unfold the imagination of CORFU in an illustrated book : Albane Gellé, author & Valérie Linder, illustrator. You can see some of Valérie Linder's illustrations above and below and the bookwih her illustrations and Albane Gellé's stories will be available as a gift with purchase during the launch period.

Corfu also opens a new chapter for Memo Paris. The brand is thus taking a new step in its commitment to the environment, and the choice of new packaging, made up of 80% recycled paper and wrapped in sustainable cellophane, further confirms its implication. The choice of design enrobing the Memo Paris box is inspired by the Tendre map, a symbolic representation of an imaginary and personal country, which shows the different stages of life. Here, geography is linked to the different fragrances in the Memo world, in both the emotional and sensitive destinations.


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