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Obvious Parfums - Un Fleur D'Oranger

With a name like Obvious parfums one expects something elegant, uncomplicated and to the point; and this is exactly what you get, a line of 8 fragrances that combine simplicity with elegance.

David Frossard, the brand's creator has worked more than twenty years in the fragrance industry, helping develop creator-driven perfumes and support the launch of many, very successful now, niche brands.

Following his commitment to constantly improving the sector, David launched Obvious parfums as a luxury perfume brand that meets the requirements of our modern lives, blending simplicity and elegance in self-respect and environmental protection.

The 8 fragrances of the line are simply luxurious, elegant and uncomplicated and can be worn alone or combined to create a unique / signature scent. Using natural, raw ingredients, organic alcohol, a refillable and 100% recyclable bottle that has a cork top made from wine cork production offshoot (without plastic inserts) and packaged in box made of recyclable paper and no cellophane.

Une Fleur d’Oranger takes a bite of a sweet and juicy orange and spices it up with ginger to give it a fiery edge while neroli essence adds a sensual softness. A breath of summer that brings sunshine in the form of a rich blast of citruses splashed over an armful of neroli blossoms and sprinkled with a hint of heat; equally warm and refreshing it balances wonderfully the elements of the composition to result in a most sensual and mood lifting scent!

TOP NOTES: Mandora essence of cyprus, Italian bergamot essence, Orange bigarade essence from Spain, Sweet orange essence from Spain

HEART NOTES: Petit grain essence from Paraguay, Petit grain lemon tree essence, Tunisian neroli essence

BASE NOTES: Madagascar ginger essence, Orange blossom absolute of Tunisia

Une Fleur d’Oranger is very versatile and can be easily combined with all the other fragrances of the line to enhance different aspects; with Une Verveine for a greener effect, with Une Vanille for a warmer and creamier scent, with Un Musc for a powdery, musky cloud sensation, with Une Rose for a floral explosion, with Un Poivre for a fruity delight and with Un Bois for a boosting of the base notes that enhance the orange blossom. Of course depending on how much and in which order you spray them on your skin, the result can be different every time.

All Obvious parfums are available online at PARFUM MUSE


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