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Parfums Dusita Cavatina- An Ode to Spring and Love

Kicking off the National Fragrance Week celebrations and I couldn't think of a better way to start by reviewing one of the most elegant fragrances I've tried lately, Cavatina by Parfums Dusita.

My mother is a huge fan of Lily of the Valley; she loves their scent and their symbolism and her wedding bouquet was solely made out of these delicate flowers. We always had lily of the valley scented products around the house and it's a scent I've always loved for its unique green and fresh character. A tradition I have kept myself; I always have at least a lily of the valley soap in my cupboard and come May I almost solely use them in the shower.

When Parfums Dusita's founder and perfumer Pissara Umavijani released Cavatina and a beautiful box containing the fragrance, a lovely tea blend and a tuberose bulb arrived at my door, I knew even before smelling it that it would be special. Accompanied by the poem her father has written, Cavatina is a sweet ode to love, grace and sophistication.

“They sweeten by the warmth of the sun, like the human heart by loving kindness” Montri Umavijani

Sweeten by the Sun

The poem of Cavatina represents the choice of raw materials that the perfumer used. Creating her own muguet accord, Pissara pays homage to vintage Diorissimo giving at the same time a modern twist to her composition. Elegant and fresh, like a breath of spring air, crisp and heavenly, it dances like the droplets of morning dew on the spring blooms.

The opening notes include Calabrian Bergamot, Chinese Litsea Cubeba, Paraguayan Petitgrain and the exclusive Muguet Accord; at the Heart, Pissara's own Tea Rose Accord, Egyptian Tuberose, Jasmine Grandiflorum and Indonesian Ylang-Ylang, followed by Indian Ambrette, Siamese Wood and Madagascar Vanilla in the base notes.

A gorgeous fresh floral fragrance, it's green and vivacious. The opening feels like the first ray of sunshine that awakens the spring lilies and shakes the droplets of morning dew from their green leaves while they turn their petals to greet the sun. Rich florals warm up and release their narcotic scent enticing you to pick them and arrange a bouquet that will scent your living room. Elegant music, Vivaldi's Spring, is playing in the background and you stand still for a moment, looking out the window, reflecting on the day ahead while sipping a cup of aromatic tea infused with vanilla. The warmth travels through your body and smiling, you sit in your comfortable chair to read a book while the sun warms up the wooden shelves of your library, making them release their enveloping scent.

Cavatina is a perfume that can be conceived differently by every wearer as lily of the valley can trigger different memories and associations however all can agree that it's a current yet timeless composition.

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