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Scent of a Father - Fragrant Gift Guide for Father's Day

Father's day is this Sunday and it's the perfect opportunity to show how much you love him with a fragrance gift! I believe dads are the easiest to buy a perfume for as you know what they like and dislike plus they will proudly wear whatever their precious offspring has bought for them.

The fragrances I've chosen cover a wide range of gorgeous scents and I hope you'll find them inspiring!


I love all four fragrances from Kierin NYC but I think Santal Sky is fantastic with its equal amounts of spice and comfort. Cardamon, Saffron, Sandalwood and Vetiver combined together bring out a refreshing, vibrant scent with an earthy and grounded soul.

For Dads with an ethical stance, all Kierin NYC fragrances are vegan, cruelty free, clean and conscious.

Gallivant Los Angeles

An excellent new release by Gallivant, Los Angeles has already been nominated for multiple awards.

A hot and sensual woody floral, cooled with a marine breeze. Breezy and aromatic thanks to eucalpyptus and clary sage, while mandarin and pineapple give it a juicy neon vibe. The gorgeous floral heart of narcissus and tuberose is bright and bold and perfectly balanced with a smoky woody base rich with cade, guaiac, nagarmotha, musks and heliotrope.

For the Dads that want something unique that will make them stand out!

Bentley Wild Vetiver An odyssey in Java, Indonesia.

An aromatic, green scent that takes us exploring in the rain forests of Java, Indonesia where the precious root grows abundantly as a bush . Wild Vetiver is citrusy and sparkly thanks to the top notes of bergamot and pepper, while verbena adds a dash of green. The dry down is smoky, earthy and deep with a slight leathery / mineral feel thanks to birch and amberwood. It's a true celebration of this precious raw material that I love so much and when I smell it I visualize the moment the plant gets pulled from the earth and the release of scents that it brings.

For the Dads that love the wilderness

Bentley Rich Pimento An expedition to Havana, Cuba.

A spicy composition, the newest addition to the Bentley line of fragrances, uses bergamot, rhubarb, and grapefruit to ease you in a fiery combination of pink and black pepper, red pimento, geranium and bourbon. The base notes include patchouli, cedarwood, tonka bean and amber to sweeten and ground the fragrance.

For the Dads that love spicy food and the heat

Lalique Noir Premier, Illusion Captive

A modern amber chypre, this fragrance opens with bergamot and fig leaves before enveloping into a floral and spiced heart of jasmine sambac, rose essence and cinnamon. Gorgeous and luxurious, plus the bottle is a beautiful work of crystal art!

For the Dads that love luxury and exclusivity

Versace Dylan Blue

A modern and distinctive fougere with a fragrant woody aroma based on the unique olfactory properties of precious natural ingredients and the latest generation of molecules. Natural citrus notes of bergamot and grapefruit combine with modern hints of fig leaf to give an incisive Mediterranean freshness while aquatic notes lend depth and round off the citrus tang. Woody notes of ambrox, papyrus and organic patchouli form the perfume’s powerful, pulsating heart

For the Dads that have a classic soul with a modern eye

DSquared2 Wood For Him

A very modern take on the Mediterranean theme DSquared2 Wood For Him, opens with the freshness of Calabrian bergamot, mandarin and lemon from Sicily, enriched with ginger, violet and cardamom. Ambrox and a modern blend of white woods intensify the elegance of vetiver, resulting in a scent that is strong, sturdy, unique and inimitable!

For the hip Dads that love travelling to new destinations

Versace Eros

A fragrance inspired by ancient heroes, Versace Eros takes you toa journey to ancient Greece with the intense and vibrant freshness of mint leaves, lemon zest and green apple. Enveloping notes of tonka bean, Ambroxan , geranium flower and Vanilla open into a medley of woods including cedarwood from Atlas and Virginia, vetiver and oak moss. Intense and unforgettable!

For the Dads that are made from the stuff of legends

Versace Eros Flame

For a warmer, spicier alternative the delightfully vivacious Versace Eros Flame is full of fresh, juicy Italian hesperidic fruits such as lemon, tangerine and bitter orange warmed with notes of black pepper from Madagascar and enveloped in aromatic wild rosemary. The base resonates with notes of precious woods such as Texas cedar, patchouli coeur, Haitian vetiver, mountain oak moss accord and sandalwood subtly blended with the tonka bean and vanilla.

For the Dads that love history and are our heroes


A fluid fragrance from LEN containing iris, vetiver, neroli, and moss. SHE & MALE combines masterfully materials that are considered masculine with feminine blended together without overlapping, just enhancing each others power and entwined in a sensual dance. I love it for its duality and perfect balance of all my favourite notes put together in a bottle. It's performance alters according to the wearer making it a very versatile fragrance.

For the Dads that don't stick to labels and love London

Ormonde Jayne - Byzance

Modern magic and the bridge between East and West, where soft leather meets gourmand notes.

Buzance is my favourite fragrance of the newly launched Route de Soie collection. A mysterious fruity blend with the softest buttery leather accord. Velvety and sophisticated it travels you through the Silk Road with a mix of blackcurrant buds, a milky accord and pink berries while it's woody heart is softened by orris butter while the soul of the fragrance is filled with moss, suede, madagascar vanilla and a balsamic accord.

For the Dads that follow their passion and encourage you to do the same


J.U.S is a new 100% French perfume brand created for the adventurous fragrance consumer, who is looking for a personal, alternative fragrance and a unique sensory experience. Coffeeze is part of the JOYAUX UNIQUE collection that uses vintage bottle molds for the fragrances.

A very interesting play between coffee and oud, a juxtaposition between the sweet facet of oud and the bitterness of coffee with a labdanum glue that binds them together creating a highly dark and attractive scent with a bold presence.

Notes: Laos FirBest Oud, Santos Coffee SFE, Sandalwood Accord, Patchouli HE, Tonka Absolute

For the Dads that can't live without their coffee fix


Venetian Blue Intense is part of the masculine collection Nobil Homo of The Merchant of Venice.

I love the combination of marine and fougère notes with a musky and smoky base. In Venetian Blue Intense the fresh spices mingle with the energy of the citrus and the surprising addition of juicy apple and pineapple elevate the level of freshness the scent brings. Patchouli and birch come in to diffuse the scent and take it into the fougère territory while moss, ambergris and musk work together to intensify the composition and capture the aspect of the man (or woman) who loves to be daring and extraordinary.

For the Dads that are cosmopolitan and always looking stylish

Stories By Eliza Grace


A walk in the garden, barefoot, this perfume brings nature closer and the feeling of belonging. The notes used are so familiar and embedded in memory that bring to my mind playful childhood snapshots. The fragrance opens with notes of Bergamot and Bulgarian rose spiced with ginger, cardamom and green tea. It's heart is warm, woody and smoky with notes of honey tobacco and cedarwood. Opoponax, tonka bean and patchouli enhance the base while amber and musk soften it until it fades away hours later.

For the Dads that love gardening


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