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Shiseido Ginza - Springtime in Tokyo

Springtime in Tokyo is one of the most popular seasons to visit and I've been dreaming about it for some years now! Thankfully we have fragrance to help us transport our mind and senses to far away destinations until we're able to visit them again and the latest release by Shiseido named GINZA has done just that!

GINZA is a lovely sparkling floral with the addition of sacred woods composed by Karine Dubreuil and Maïa Lernout and it's another excellent effort by the company that has been renowned in combining Japanese tradition with modern ways / technology since their beginning.

A subtle reference to the ancestral ritual known as Kodo, in which participants “listen” to the woods’ scents in order to purify their body and spirit. This unique duality is the signature of Ginza’s one of a kind aura. I have participated in a Kodo ceremony (click here if you want to read more) and I must say that it's one of the most fascinating experiences.

Bright and sparkling with an abundance of pink peppercorns and tart pomegranate, the playful opening leads you to a warm and sensual bouquet of jasmine, magnolia and freesia that's enhanced by Japanese orchid. Mysterious yet fresh the scent holds on to the skin playfully like the cherry trees in full bloom.

After a while the scent deepens when the woody facets of Hinoki wood appear, strong and slightly camphoric while Japanese cypress and sandalwood add depth and a creamy flow that's intensified by patchouli.

A very unique creation that balances beautifully rich and sensual florals with precious woods and the most playful opening. If you're looking for a spring/ summer scent that will help uplift your mood you must definitely try it!.

*I was kindly sent the fragrance by Shiseido to review; opinions are my own.


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