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Smyrna - Le Couvent Parfums Remarquables

Le Couvent de Minimes was created in 2004 by the L’ Occitane group with a similar mentality and the aim to promote the Provence region, telling the history of the nuns that lived there in the 19th century and created colognes and skincare using the natural ingredients of the region. Eau de Missions, one of their colognes very quickly became one of their greatest successes with a true following thanks to its boozy vanilla vibe. In 2017 the brand was bought by Laboratoires Filorga and was restructured as a French vegan high perfumery brand with an affordable fragrance offering and two skincare lines.

Smyrna - Le Couvent Parfums Remarquables
Smyrna - Le Couvent Parfums Remarquables

Parfums Remarquables

One of their 4 fragrance lines is a collection of 8 Remarkable Eau de Parfums as an invitation to discover other places, other horizons. A port, an island, deserts, oceans. A contemporary and unique Perfumery guided by Jean-Claude Ellena, one of the greatest perfumers in the world, today Director of Exclusive Olfactory Creation of Le Couvent.

SMYRNA attracted me as a name first as she was once one of the most illustrious of all ancient and Hellenistic-era Greek cities. One of the main centres of Greek settlement in western Anatolia, it once had a temple dedicated to Athena and was the residence of the epic poet Homer. Strategically positioned, it was a hub for trade throughout the centuries with precious materials, spices and fabrics coming through her port.

Top note : Bergamot

Heart note : Rose Absolute & Black Pepper

Base note : Sandalwood & Cedar

The olfactory journey of Smyrna begins with a vibrant bergamot and citrus blend before a fully bloomed Turkish rose appears dressed in a velvety robe and sprinkled in a cloud of zingy pepper that adds an element of mystery. The creamy and woody drydown enhances the voluptuousness of the rose that acquires an almost liqueur like quality and becomes one with the skin making you feel like you're bathing in milk infused with rose petals; simply divine!

I'm really looking forward to discovering more from the line!

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