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Spring Has Sprung!

With the change in season our natural need to shed our heavy clothing comes naturally much like our need to douse ourselves in lighter and fresher scents. There's so many lovely fragrances that you can wear all year round but recently many fabulous fragrances launched that work excellently in the warmer weather.

Ormonde Jayne Sakura

The latest addition to the Four Corners of the Earth Collection, Sakura is spring and elegance in a bottle. The blooming of the cherry blossoms is a sight eagerly awaited every year and celebrated in multiple ways. Just a few fleeting weeks of pretty pale pink petals bring such joy and beauty.

The enigmatic and delicate nature of the Sakura blossoms have been interpreted with a sparkling opening full of zesty bergamot and sweet, juicy mandarin tempered with pink pepper and a green accord while a soft almond aromas enhanced with powdery violets and creamy vanilla create the image of the soft, fluffy petals. A soft and elegant fragrance that must be added to the collection of every cherry blossom fan.

Maison Crivelli Neroli Nasimba

Like all Maison Crivelli fragrances, Neroli Nasimba is based on a discovery, this time of orange blossoms during a walking safari where the dry sand was dominant. A surprising, contrasting combination of orange blossom essential oil and a leather accord create a fresh and floral leather fragrance with an added zing thanks to pink pepper and cardamom. Created in collaboration with Paul Guerlain, using the finest LMR naturals® essential oils, Neroli Nasimba is a spring journey and destination in a bottle.

Fragrance Du Bois AM

The latest, very successful collaboration of Fragrance Du Bois with Produce Michael, AM, is supposed to be a morning fragrance made however with real and powerful ingredients. A softer explosion of warm, spicy notes and creamy woods, it's an explosion all right with spiced damask rose paired with Italian orange, aromatic thyme and leathery saffron, while the lemony / resinous spiciness of elemi brings freshness to the composition before it settles to a creamy and sweet tropical vanilla / patchouli finish.

KAYALI Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33 Eau de Parfum Intense

Yum Pistachio Gelato | 33 Eau de Parfum Intense is a delicious fragrance that thrives by using edible notes including pistachio, whipped cream, roasted hazelnut, sweet rum, fluffy marshmallow and fizzy cotton candy. An abundance of mouth-watering notes, it opens with a blend of honey roasted nuts blended with rum for a tantalizing first impression. A lovely floral heart brings freshness and light while the dry down offers a delicious overdose of whipped cream, fluffy marshmallow and creamy sandalwood for a delectable gourmand finish.

Elle Naturelle Indra Eau De Parfum - Santal & Mimosa

NaturElle were created by Elle Parfums to help support the women around the world where they source their natural ingredients. The aim of their Indra program, after which INDRA was named, is to empower young women in New Caledonia where they source their natural Sandalwood.

INDRA is a Santal & Mimosa fragrance where the powdery airiness of mimosa is blended with creamy sandalwood . Fresh and bright, it starts off with juicy mandarin and ozonic notes while the powdery freshness of mimosa is enhanced by mandarin blossom leading to the creamy, soft base of sandalwood and musks. Bright, airy and soft it's a perfect breezy spring fragrance.

Yardley Lilac and Pear

Yardley London has been capturing the delicate fragrance of English flowers since 1770. The more recent creations combine a fresh floral note with a juicy fruit to create an irresistible combination. The latest EDT, Lilac & Pear is a juicy, floral, fruity creation that uses the voluptuous freshness of lilacs with the sharpness of green pears. Opening with bright citruses and green pears, the floral heart of sweet lilacs is layered with delicate rose and enriched with a base of cedar wood and amber musk.


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