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Summer to Autumn Scents

Welcoming the Autumn season while holding on to Summer - 10 fragrances to help you transition to the new season.

While I started writing this post many things changed; the announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth and the subsequent mourning period, funeral and the adjustment time that will inevitable follow until we're used to having a King, the fact that we've decided to book an autumn holiday to Greece instead of our usual summer break and a lot of change at work that has kept me super busy all summer but very distracted from all things perfume. That being said, I am enjoying my holidays as we speak and rounded up 10 fragrances that I'm loving to take with me and help keep the sunshine a bit longer.

First up two bottles in my favourite colour celebrating summer and the sea; Riviera Sunrise by Atelier Des Ors and Sel D'Argent by BDK parfums.

Riviera Sunrise is a zesty, golden and warm fragrance capturing the charm of the French Riviera while Sel D'Argent is fresh as he salty breeze of the sea warmed up by the Mediterranean sun. Both equally beautiful and ready to transport you back into summer and prolong that holiday feeling.

The newest release by Maison Crivelli, Ambre Chromatique is a multifaceted amber fragrance, warm and vibrant with a lush floral heart, inspired by the multi-coloured jungle landscape while Ambre Blanc by Maison Rebatchi is an ethereal and luminous amber, powdery and soft with a balsamic, woody finish.

Both are amazing studies on amber, a material that seems to make a strong comeback as as the main ingredient rather than holding a supporting role as usual.

I have never shied away from a lush tuberose fragrance, I just love the opulence and elegance of this unique white flower and I'm always looking for fragrances that explore different facets of the flower.

Radianza by Wilgermain is a radiant and honeyed version of tuberose with a juicy vibe that feels very fresh and modern. Paired with an equally mesmerising jasmine extract, it creates the perfect white floral symphony. French Flower By Matiere Premiere is is an ode to tuberose and uses the flowers produced in the perfumer’s owned organic fields. Inspired by the image of the pure white flowers, the fragrance is gorgeous and bright; imagine it like a pool of white flowers dipped in milk, a perfect image of white!

The Merchant of Venice begins a new journey with the release of eight Nature-Conscious Eau de Parfum, of exceptional olfactory quality. My favourite is Tuberosa India, a rich and intoxicating tuberose, that is creamy and smooth, sweet and enveloping and can be worn individually or combined together following the concept of layering, to create a unique personal fragrance.

Capturing the essence of jasmine is tricky as this delicate yet potent flower is the embodiment of summer. Graham and Pott have created with Mon Jasmin Parfum an excellent and elegant fragrance where luscious fresh jasmine notes are followed by white flowers and tuberose while Iris adds her powdery touch and sandalwood with musk soften the composition adding depth and a delicious creaminess. Summer warmth in a bottle!

Tempfluo means Time Flow in Esperanto. The new fragrance from Nishane is part of the Time Capsule Collection and is dedicated to the way our perspective of time affects the way we live. Juicy, vibrant and floral with a soft chocolatey - vanilla hug to add to the joyous floral heart, it balances perfectly between warm and cool vibes, summer to autumn making it easily enjoyable in any season.

Binet- Papillon was one of my best Esxence discoveries and this year I had a chance to explore the line in more depth. N°10 is a contrasting fragrance, where throughout the journey it pairs Mandarin with Carnation, Violet with Ylang Ylang and Malt with Smoked Tea to create a journey of soft and spicy, bright and smoky, powdery floral with a creamy boozy note that adds a mysterious touch to its singularly addictive essence.

A study in niche fragrance creation that behaves like a chameleon and can be worn during any season.

Have you transitioned to the new season?


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