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SweDoft - A New Exciting Perfume Brand From Sweden

Sweden might not be a country you'd immediately associate with niche perfumes but when you think about it a bit more you realise that style and creativity seem to come natural to the Swedes and actually there are many very creative fragrance brands from Sweden in the market like Byredo, Agonist and their new concept CRA-YON, Svensk Parfym, 19-69, PanaDora, Mille Centum and my newest discovery SweDoft.

SweDoft is a new perfume brand that was founded in 2015 in Sweden by Sfean J.A.

The idea behind SweDoft was to make handmade fragrances with the best quality ingredients; a project that started as an offer of customised/ personalised fragrances for private clients and eventually became a perfume brand.

They have 17 fragrances in their line and I was kindly sent 2 to try; X Oud and Black Rose.

My first impressions as I opened the box were excellent as I really loved the handmade and sustainable packaging. There is a video on SweDoft 's website where you can see how the perfumes are packaged; you can follow the link here to view.

Black Rose

Inspired by the legend of the Black Rose of Halfeti, SweDoft wanted to bring the myth of this rare rose to life. A scent that embodies wild imagination and great contrasts.


Damask Rose, Chamomile, blue Oud, incense.

Black Rose starts light and airy light a gentle caress with a slight earthy / herbal breath that adds a fresh note to the richness of the damask rose; it becomes very voluptuous, blooming and radiating in full force and the addition of sweet incense and blue oud wraps up the composition.

Sensual and long lasting, it's a perfect homage to the Halfeti rose.

X OUD is a game of olfactory opposites and contradictions.


Agarwood, saffron, smoked leather, black currant, patchouli, musk, pineapple, apple, jasmine.

With X OUD, SweDoft wanted to maintain the original Indian Oud throughout the whole experience so they used a technique that gives the scent of the original Indian Oud a crystal clear role from start to finish.

X Oud in a nutshell is a beautiful leather oud fragrance that hides many surprises as it unfolds. Sweet and fruity, boozy and earthy, spicy and woody, it changes characters many times and jumps from one mood to the other. It's an oud scent that everyone will enjoy and I've had many compliments for. Beautifully made it can easily be worn by everyone and during all seasons. Now that the weather is warm the fruity side is more prominent on my skin while the earthy/ leathery character remains a bit dormant; I can't wait to wear it during wintertime as well and see how it performs!

SweDoft perfumes are available in the UK at Bloom Perfume. Link here


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